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Kaaboo 2018 Primer: Presale, Lineup Release, Hotels & More

Sept. 18, 2017, 4:23 p.m.
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If you enjoy overpriced festivals with a near disgusting amount of corporate advertising then it's time to start prepping for Kaaboo 2018. Jokes aside, this article is aimed at organizing all the information you need to prep for Kaaboo next year if you are thinking of going. We will go over when tikets come out, when Kaaboo will be in 2018, when the lineup will be released and more. Let's get to it.

When is Kaaboo 2018?

Kaaboo has already announced their dates for 2018 and they will be September 14th to September 16th, 2018. This is the standard weekend for Kaaboo being in the middle of September. Little none fact for people not local to San Diego: September is our nicest month of the year so this really is perfect timing for Kaaboo.

When do Kaaboo 2018 Tickets Go On Sale?

Well....Now! That is, Kaaboo is currently holding an advanced early bird sale for 2018. Most music festivals may do an advanced sale right after the festival and then put tickets up for sale in another presale months later. Kaaboo does things a bit differently. Last year (and this year seems similar) they put tickets up in September right after the festival, and tickets remained on sale throughout the year. Prices increase periodically throughout the year, so if you are sure you are going you can save some money by purchasing early, but other than that there is no reason to purchase early. Here are the prices for the current super advanced presale:

Hang Loose GA 3-Day - EARLY BIRD




Hang Five VIP 3-Day - EARLY BIRD




Hang Ten VIP 3-Day - EARLY BIRD




If you are looking at that and saying "that seems expensive for a sale a year in advance" I would say you are right - these tickets are fairly overpriced given you are purchasing so far in advance. I would also say this is the festival of $5 water and $14 Blue Moon's so it seems aligned with Kaaboo's general theme of being overpriced compared to other music festivals. Here's how the pricing worked at different tiers for last year:

So in summary if you know you are 100% going then you may as well purchase early. If you have any doubt I would hold off on Kaaboo passes.

Do I need to worry about Kaaboo selling out?

No - as much as they like to say on their website tickets are nearly sold out this is simply not true. The festival is never crowded, nor do you need to worry about it selling out. Don't let the risk of it selling out influence when you purchase your Kaaboo 2018 passes.

When does Kaaboo Release Their Lineup?

Kaaboo is still a fairly new festival, so this can change year to year, but you can see when Kaaboo has released their lineups the last three years below. Generally festivals tend to do what they did the previous year so I would look for Kaaboo's 2018 lineup in mid to late March.


Day of Lineup Announcement


February 23rd  


April 27th  


March 23rd  

When should I book Kaaboo Accommodations?

If you are coming to San Diego for Kaaboo and need to book a hotel you should check out our Kaaboo Hotels Page. We tracked hotel prices in San Diego for every day of last year for Kaaboo's dates so you can see when prices were high, low and when/if hotel's sold out. Last year prices for Kaaboo hotels stayed fairly steady and actually dropped as we got closer to the event. Based on last year's data you can easily wait until the summer to book and find a good deal.

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