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Article Summary

  • Article goes over all the key dates you need to know for Kaaboo
  • The goal is to show the dates  Kaaboo typically does things on a yearly basis
  • Kaaboo is a new festival and doesn’t have a long running pattern with a lot of dates
  • The Kaaboo lineup will be released on March 23rd
  • Set times are released in early September; this is also when wristbands will ship

Some of the most common questions that come up about Kaaboo are about dates.  When do Kaaboo tickets go on sale? When is the presale? When is the schedule released?  These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Kaaboo and the goal of this article is to make you aware of every important date you need to know.  I will start from the beginning of the year and move from there.

Lineup Announcement – March (March 23rd in 2017)

Perhaps the most anticipated date of the year for Kaaboo fans is the announcement of the lineup.  Kaboo is a new festival so it’s tough to say there is any definite discernable pattern to when they release their lineup.  The table below shows the dates Kaaboo has released each of it’s lineups.  In years past Kaaboo has announced its lineup in a slow trickle, announcing artists here and there.  It sounds like in 2017 they are going to have one, large lineup release as most festivals do.  Kaaboo has stated that their 2017 lineup will be out March 23rd.


Day of Lineup Announcement


February 23rd  


April 27th  


March 23rd  

Kaaboo Ticket Sales – September 

Generally festivals will announce their lineups and then the next day put up the tickets for sale.  Kaaboo is doing things a bit differently in 2017: tickets have been up for sale since Kaaboo concluded last September.  Tickets right now are at a discounted price and are expected to increase in price as the lineup is released and more tickets are sold.  We have written a full article on Kaaboo tickets, if you are interested you can read it at http://www.eventtrk.com/events/42/kaaboo-del-mar/153/kaaboo-tickets-guide-how-much-payment-plan-more.

Kaaboo Single Day Passes – August (August 10th in 2016)

Officially Kaaboo claims each year they may offer single day passes if the three-day general admission passes do not sell out. Using the past couple years as a precedence would say they are not going to sell out and you can expect there to be single day passes.  In years past Kaaboo has released its single day passes in August.  In 2016 Kaaboo announced single days tickets on August 10th and priced the single day general admission passes at $119 and VIP single day passes at $299.

Kaaboo Wrist Band Ships – September (September 1 in 2016)

Kaaboo begins shipping their wristbands on September 1st.  The wristbands will take about a week to arrive so you should still receive your wristband a couple of weeks in advance of Kaaboo.

Kaaboo Announces Set Times – September (September 2nd in 2015)

Kaaboo generally releases the festival set times a couple weeks before the festival takes place.  For example, Kaaboo 2015 began on September 18th and the festival set times were released on September 2nd, 2015.  Look for Kaaboo to release set times in early September.

Kaaboo Music & Arts Festival – September

Kaaboo typically occurs the third weekend of September and will run from Friday to Sunday.   


There you have it, every date you need to know for Kaaboo.  If there are any other dates you are looking for and didn’t find here please let me know at Shawn@EventTrk.com and I will add them pronto!

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