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  • Kaaboo offers three different levels of passes: general admission ($255.45), VIP ($769.45) and Super VIP ($2,701.45)
  • Kaaboo releases their lineup on March 23rd for Kaaboo 2017. The date varies year to year, but expect it to be in March going forward
  • Kaaboo tickets are not a high sellout risk
  • Kaaboo offers a payment plan, which will split your passes into three equal payments

Thinking of heading off to the sunshine of Kaaboo Del Mar? Here you will find answers to any question you have on tickets for Kaaboo.  Questions like how much are the tickets, is there VIP, when do the wristbands ship, and more will all be answered below.

Kaaboo Ticket Prices

How much are Kaaboo Del Mar passes?

The image above shows the ticket prices for Kaaboo Del Mar 2017.  There are three different levels of passes for Kaaboo: general admission, Hang Five VIP (Standard VIP), and Hang Ten VIP (Super VIP).  The total for the three-day general admission passes to Kaaboo Del Mar are $255.45 when you add up all of the fees.  The Hang Five VIP passes will cost $769.45 and the Hang Ten VIP passes cost $2,701.45.  Obviously there is a huge range in prices here, so how much Kaaboo is going to cost you largely depends on what passes you go with. 

Are Kaaboo VIP passes worth it?

The Kaaboo Hang Ten VIP passes are one of the most expensive festival passes for any in the country.  It’s tough to argue those passes are worth it unless you are absolutely in love with the lineup’s Kaaboo has been churning out.  Even the standard VIP is fairly expensive given you only get improved viewing areas.  I personally think Kaaboo’s VIP passes are extremely overpriced, but if you have the money go for it.

When does Kaaboo release their lineup?

This varies year to year, especially because Kaaboo is a new festival and still working out the kinks.  For Kaaboo 2017 the music lineup will be released on March 23rd according to the festival.  Last year Kaaboo periodically released information on the lineup by announcing bands here and there, but this year they appear to be going for one, large lineup release.

When do Kaaboo passes go on sale?

The first year of its existence Kaaboo followed standard protocol with a lineup release and then a ticket sale.  This occurred on June 23rd, 2015.  They’ve switched it up now and just have tickets on sale, without any lineup release.  Tickets went on sale shortly after Kaaboo 2016 wrapped up and have remained available for purchase since then.  You can go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kaaboo-del-mar-september-15th-17th-2017-tickets-27390611055 to purchase passes to Kaaboo Del Mar.

Does Kaaboo do single day passes?

Yes, Kaaboo offers single day passes to the festival for both general admission and VIP level.  In years past the single day general admission passes to Kaaboo have been $119 and the VIP passes are $299 per day.  These passes are generally announced rather late.  Kaaboo takes place in mid-September and the single day passes generally have gone on sale in August.

Does Kaaboo sellout?

Negative, you will be able to purchase passes right up until the day of the festival.  If you are debating going to Kaaboo definitely do not feel like you need to decide soon for fear of it selling out – this isn’t Coachella.  In fact, the first year of Kaaboo you were able to snag tickets on Groupon and other discount sites for cheaper rates if you waited until near the festival date.  I didn’t see them offering discounted passes for Kaaboo 2016, so perhaps that won’t happen again going forward, but you still could get tickets right up until the festival started.

Does Kaaboo offer a payment plan?

They do, the Kaaboo payment plan will split the passes up into three equal payments.  The first is due when you purchase tickets, the second is due on March 30th, and the final payment will be due on May 31st.  It should be noted Kaaboo charges an additional fee of about $30 for using the payment plan.  That is, the total cost of your three payments is more than if you just purchased the tickets at full price.  This isn’t unheard of in the festival business as other festivals employ this strategy as well, but it is still bullshit.  You should also note that if you miss a payment and it’s not made by within 10 days of the required date your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded all your money except a $50 restocking fee.

Does Kaaboo offer refunds?

Negative ghostwriter – all ticket sales for Kaaboo are final.

When will my Kaaboo wristband ship?

Wristbands will be shipped the first week of September, a few weeks before Kaaboo actually happens.  You should receive your wristband by September 7th.

What about parking passes?

Kaaboo does offer parking passes on their website as well.  You can get three different levels of parking: on-site, preferred, or valet.  On site is your basic parking that will cost $102 for the three day pass.  Preferred parking lets you park closer to the festival and will cost you $152.  To get valeted like a boss it will cost you $202 for the three day pass.  Single day parking passes also become available when single day passes go on sale.

Are Kaaboo wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.

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