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If you have never been to a music festival or to Music Midtown sprcifically before you may have a lot of questions. I know the first time I went I had a lot. This is your Music Midtown FAQ where I attempt to answer all of the common questions about Music Midtown. I will cover tickets, getting there, what’s the weather like, and a ton more. I’ve divided this FAQ into three sections: general festival info, travel questions and tickets questions. If you go through this and still have questions about Music Midtown feel free to reach out to me at; you likely aren’t the only person with your question so I will add it to this guide.

General Festival Questions

When Is Music Midtown Held?

Music Midtown is held in the middle of September, typically on the third weekend of the month. As of now it remains a two day festival lasting from Saturday through Sunday.

Where is Music Midtown held?

Music Midtown takes place in Piedmont Park,which is just a few miles north of downtown Atlanta. It’s a great setting for a music festival.

When does Music Midtown release its lineup?

Some music festivals move their lineup announcement date around a bit. Music Midtown is not that type of festival. Over the years the festival has been incredibly consistent with the release of its lineup: late June. The table below shows the lineup announcement date going back to Music Midtown 2014.



Music Midtown 2017

June 20

Music Midtown 2016

June 21

Music Midtown 2015

June 23

Music Midtown 2014

June 24

What Type Of Music does Music Midtown feature?

You can see the lineup poster from Music Midtown 2017 as an example. Typically the festival features mostly rock, as well as a good amount of hip hop and EDM. The festival does tend a little more mainstream than a lot of festivals with bookings such as Bruno Mars as a headliner. It’s usually a pretty eclectic lineup with something for everyone.

How long does each artist play?

Most lower tiered bands will get 45 minutes to an hour to play. Headliners and acts higher up on the billing typically get 90 minutes.

What are the hours of Music Midtown?

Music Midtown opens at noon every day and will go until 11PM.

Music Midtown Map

How many stages does Music Midtown have?

You can see the official 2017 Music Midtown festival map above. There are four main stages with music, spread throughout Piedmont Park.

When does Music Midtown announce set times?

Typically this happens in either late August or early September. This gives you about 2 weeks or so to prepare and plan who you will want to see at the festival.

What’s the weather like for Music Midtown?

Miserably hot and humid, this is Atlanta after all. Typically weather will be in the upper 80s to low 90s and humid. It’s not unheard of for it to rain so we always suggest preparing for weather just in case.

What do people wear to Music Midtown?

Dress comfortably. My biggest tip is to wear comfortable shoes as the festival is a lot of walking and standing – walking between stages, walking from the MARTA station to the festival, standing at the shows, etc. Dress for function and not style. Also as I mentioned it’s really hot at Music Midtown; you will sweat. This isn’t Coachella, dress comfortably over stylish.

Questions About Tickets

Note: We have a full ticket guide that answers all of these and more questions on tickets.

When do tickets go on sale?

As is the case with most music festivals, Music Midtown tickets will go on sale a day or two after the lineup is announced. As we mentioned above, the lineup comes out in late June so you can look for Music Midtown tickets around then.

How much are Music Midtown passes?

Again like most music festivals there is an array of passes you can purchase for Music Midtown. Specifically there is general admission (GA), VIP and Super VIP. Here’s the prices for each:

  • 2-Day GA Presale - $135 + Fees
  • 2-Day Advanced: $135 + fees
  • 2-Day Regular: $145 + fees
  • 2-Day VIP Regular / Presale: $600 + fees
  • 2-Day Super VIP Regular / Presale: $1,750 + fees

Are there single day passes?

Negative – you can only purchase a 2-day pass to Music Midtown. They do not offer single day passes.

Is there a payment plan?

Negative again – as of today Music Midtown is yet to offer a payment plan for tickets.

Is VIP or Super VIP worth it?

This is a complex question. It’s also such a common question that we wrote a full guide breaking down each perk of VIP. The short version is we think VIP is worth it, but Super VIP is not. Check out the full article for all the information.

Does Music Midtown sell out?

No, Music Midtown would be categorized as a low sell out risk in my book. That doesn’t mean it’s not a popular festival, it just has a large capacity and has not sold out yet. This can always change, but through 2017 it has not been selling out.

When do wristbands ship?

Music Midtown will ship wristbands 2-4 weeks before the festival takes place in mid-September. This means passes will begin shipping in August and continue through early September. Note that if you purchase your pass after the first week of September you will likely need to pick up your pass at will call at the festival.

Is there a presale?

Kind of. Technically Music Midtown calls it a presale for the first two days tickets are on sale after the lineup comes out. The passes are $10 cheaper than the price they eventually rise to, so it saves you some money, but not as much as a traditional presale a festival will host months before passes go on sale.

Where do I go to purchase Music Midtown passes?

You can purchase Music Midtown tickets at their official ticket website located here.

Is there an age limit for who can purchase Music Midtown passes?

People of all ages can attend Music Midtown, but everyone will require a ticket. This is somewhat interesting because some Live Nation music festivals (which Music Midtown is one of) allow children up to age 10 in for free. Not Music Midtown though – every human being requires a pass.

Questions About Travel

Where should I stay for Music Midtown?

Generally people stay in the downtown area of Atlanta. Piedmont Park, where Music Midtown takes place, is less than 5 miles to the north which makes it fairly easy to get to.

MARTA For Music Midtown

What’s the best way to get to Music Midtown?

We have a full transportation guide that goes over all the different ways you can (and should) get to Music Midtown each day. Here is the short version:

  • Don’t drive
  • If you are comfortable with biking Atlanta has a nifty Bike Share program with stations right by Music Midtown
  • MARTA is the train system and it’s a pretty solid option. The walk from the closest station is 20 minutes, which is a bit of a haul, but its only $5 a day round trip
  • Ubers are super convenient but also super expensive
  • Bottom line: MARTA is the best option for most people

What is the closest airport for Music Midtown?

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the closest airport for Music Midtown, located near downtown Atlanta.

Is there camping for Music Midtown?

Negative – this is not a camping festival.

Do I need to rent a car?

I don’t think so. Atlanta public transportation isn’t great, but you can make it work for the festival. It’s an easy train ride in from the airport to the city and then at that point you are within the city limits with everything being a short walk from you. I never rent a car when in Atlanta unless you really want to go explore and do a lot of stuff besides Music Midtown.


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