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Getting To Music Midtown: MARTA, Biking, Ubers & More

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Article Summary

  • Your main options for getting to Music Midtown are driving, biking, by train, Uber or walking
  • Uber is the most expensive but likely the most convenient
  • The best option for most people will be to utilize MARTA (public transportation)

Got your tickets to Music Midtown? Check! Figured out what bands you are going to see? Check! Now it’s time to figure out how the hell you are going to get there. This article goes over the different ways of getting to Music Midtown and provides some recommendations on what we’ve found easiest in years past. Let’s begin with the most obvious: driving.

Driving Yourself To Music Midtown

Don’t do it. Moving On…

Just kidding, kind of. I’ll be direct: you really shouldn’t drive yourself to Music Midtown unless you have a really good reason. Here’s why:

  • Atlanta traffic is already terrible and doubly so on the days of big events like Music Midtown.
  • There is no parking at Music Midtown. The festival takes place inside Piedmont Park and the event is car-less.
  • Even if you find parking in the nearby area it is going to be expensive and fill up quickly
  • There are better ways to get to Music Midtown

I hope I’ve made my point: driving is a poor option for getting to Music Midtown.

MARTA For Music Midtown

Taking MARTA To Music Midtown

If you are new to Atlanta MARTA is the train system set up throughout the Atlanta area. You can see the system map above. Here’s what you should know about using MARTA to get to Music Midtown:

  • MARTA services nearly the entire city of Atlanta so there should be a station near you regardless of where you are staying

  • Ultimately you want to get onto the Red Line and take it to either Midtown or Arts Center. Midtown is slightly closer but Arts Center is probably less crowded

  • From those stations it’s still a 20 minute or so walk, so wear comfortable shoes!

  • We suggest buying fare ahead of time because the lines during Music Midtown can get pretty rough

  • Taking the MARTA will cost you just $5 roundtrip, so it is a very cost effective way to get to Music Midtown daily

  • Pro Tip: If you don’t love the headliner leave a few songs before they finish and avoid a huge crowd rushing to the exit and the train

Overall MARTA is likely your best option unless you are close enough to walk or bike to the festival. Yes there will be lines to board the train, but it’s still better (and cheaper) than driving to Music Midtown.

Biking To Music Midtown

Biking can be a terrific option for getting to Music Midtown if you either have a bike or are comfortable with Bike Sharing programs. I only say the latter because I know some people (my fiancée) don’t like riding bikes in new cities. If that’s not you then I really suggest checking out Atlanta’s bike share program called Relay. You can either pay as you go or just spring for a monthly pass; even if you are only in Atlanta for Music Midtown it’s still cheaper than it be to park most likely. There are stations throughout the city, including several stations surrounding Piedmont Park. Atlanta is also relatively flat so it should be a pretty easy ride, albeit a hot one.  Also note that if you do happen to have your own bike there is free bike parking at Music Midtown, just be sure to bring your own lock and remember where you park!

The main pros of riding a bike are it’s cheap and most importantly you can come and go as you please. If you drive or use public transportation there will be lots of lines and waiting. With a bike you can go as you please, which is really nice at the end of the night when you want to get home. If you are staying in Downtown Atlanta it will be about a 4 mile ride, which should be less than 20 minutes.

Uber / Lyft / Cab to Music Midtown

Probably the most convenient option as it comes to you and drops you off right at the festival. The downside is it’s also probably the most expensive option. If you head to Music Midtown early in the day it won’t be too pricey (about $10 from Downtown Atlanta). However, heading home at night is another story. We have seen surcharges north of 500% when leaving the festival, so either be prepared to pay an arm and a leg to get home at night or have another option for your journey home. Also note that at the end of the night (after the headliner wraps up) there is going to be a ton of people leaving and requesting Uber, so it could take some time to actually get one.

Walking to Music Midtown

I feel this goes without saying but if you are close enough to walk I would definitely just go this route. However, Piedmont Park is a bit away from where most hotels are located so this won’t be the case for many people.


Overall if you can walk or bike to the festival those are your best options. That said, many people will be too far for these to be viable. After those options I would go with MARTA. Yes, it is a far walk from the station to the festival, but it still is much better than driving and much cheaper than using Uber.

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