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  • Properly prepare for Music Midtown with our ten biggest tips
  • Tips include checking the official prohibited items list, finding transportation other than driving, using the app and heading to the festival early

Heading to Music Midtown for the first time? You’ve come to the right place. This is our collection of biggest tips for Music Midtown first timers. If you’re a Music Midtown rookie read this before heading off to the festival and conquer it like a pro.

Music Midtown Tip #1 – Don’t Drive

I don’t care if you walk, bike, train, or bus to Music Midtown – you just don’t want to drive. It’s a beautiful park to host a music festival, but it’s limited on the parking. Save yourself a big headache and don’t plan to drive yourself to Music Midtown. Note that if you want to take the MARTA you should wear some comfortable shoes as the closest station (Midtown) is about a 15-20 minute walk to the festival.

Music Midtown Tip #2 – Hydrate

I don’t need to tell you September in Atlanta is hot. I do, however, feel the need to remind people to hydrate because I see this issue every year at Music Midtown. Note that you cannot bring Camelbaks into Music Midtown, but you can bring up to a 1L sealed water bottle. I suggest you do this and keep it refilled by using one of the free water refill stations all day.

Music Midtown Tip #3 – Download The App

I give this advice for nearly any music festival, and Music Midtown is no exception. Download the official app! It’s great for seeing the schedule, locating a bathroom, finding that food vendor you wanted to try and more. The apps are a great resource.

Music Midtown Tip #4 – Plan for Any Weather

It could rain or it could be 105 and humid as hell – plan for both. I personally prefer bring a cheap poncho with me in case it rains – they are lightweight and will keep you dry. On a similar note: don’t wear shoes you aren’t ok with getting ruined. Music Midtown could turn into a muddy mess if it rains a lot so don’t wear your fancy shoes!

Music Midtown Tip #5 – Make A Meeting Spot

If you are going to Music Midtown with a group I really suggest having a meeting spot for when the night ends. Keep in mind that 1) phone reception usually gets crappy at music festivals due to the huge crowds and 2) you will have been enjoying some adult beverages. Just in case your group gets separated and you can’t find each other create a designated meeting spots for emergencies.

Music Midtown Tip #6 – Go Early

I am a big proponent of heading to Music Midtown early. You get to miss the crowds and the early acts are often some of the best. Go and discover something you haven’t heard before.

Music Midtown Tip #7 – Check What You Can Bring

You can find the official list of allowed and prohibited items at Music Midtown here. I will say this: Music Midtown has some quirky rules so I really suggest you read it over to make sure you aren’t bringing anything illegal. For example, most festivals allow Camelbaks – not at Music Midtown. Similarly no umbrellas, coolers, selfie sticks. Chairs and some other items often allowed at festivals. Check this before you head off to Piedmont Park!

Music Midtown Tip #8 – Leave Your Wristband The F Alone

I’m not going to lie: everytime I see someone on Reddit talking about how they made their wristband too tight I chuckle. Put your wristband on somewhat loosely and forget about it. It’s not going to fall off your wrist and messing around with it can only lead to trouble.

Music Midtown Tip #9 – Cell Phone Battery Packs

Personally I prefer a battery case while my fiancée uses an external charger. The point is it’s nice to have some extra juice in your phone. As I mentioned service will likely be crap and that will cause your phone to constantly be looking for a signal. Bring a way to easily charge it so you have it at the end of the night when you need to get home or meet up with your crew.

Music Midtown Tip #10 – Airplane Mode is your Friend

As I mentioned, your phone can die quickly as it searches for service. One thing I do that is a huge help is during shows (when I won’t be talking to anyone anyways) I put my phone on airplane mode to conserve battery life – it’s a big help!

Did I miss anything?

Are you a savvy Music Midtown vet and have more tips of your own? Feel free to reach out to us at to have your tip added!


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