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Our Favorite Hidden Gem Bands On Boston Calling's 2018 Lineup

Jan. 4, 2018, 5:47 p.m.
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Boston Calling 2018

God damn the top of that Boston Calling 2018 lineup is good. I know everyone is hating on Eminem right now but that Top 5 is right in my wheelhouse and damn near perfect sans Radiohead. Boston Calling did a great job snagging basically all the great rock that Coachella is missing: Jack White (yes I know he wouldn't come back so soon), Queens of the Stone Age, The National, Royal Blood and more. The Boston Calling poster is absolutely loaded on the top. If you want to fully explore the Boston Calling Lineup check out our lineup tool where you can find recent setlists, top songs, popular YouTube videos and more.

Anyways, there's no arguing the top of the bill is stacked at Boston Calling 2018. However, if you've attended any music festival then you know what can really put a lineup over the top is the tiny fonts, the little guys, the bands all your friends haven't heard of. Rejoice as Boston Calling is as loaded at the bottom of the poster as it is on the top. Let's go over our favorite acts on Boston Calling's lineup from the bottom few rows.


Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius has a few albums out and each one seems to get progressively better. His most recent album, No Shape, was easily among the best releases in 2017. It's a weird, indie-electronic sound that sounds somewhat similar to some of St. Vincent's electronic sounds. There's not a great apples to apples comparison as it's a unique sound that hits all the feels. If you want to dance while also getting some indie, introspective lyrics give Perfume Genius a try.

(Sandy) G Alex

Love this guy. Had a chance to see him at a couple of festivals last year and it's a great show to sit in the grass, have a brew and enjoy. The sound is definitely indie and lo-fi with some really introspective, deep thought lyrics. If you like acts like Frankie Cosmos, Spencer Radcliffe, Real Estate or Car Seat Headrest you are probably going to want to catch him at Boston Calling 2018. It's definitely not the most lively show as the music is more relaxed and thoughtful, but if you are looking for a good show to relax to and enjoy this is your guy. Despite being a young artist he has already bolstered critical acclaim and is sure to be higher on the billing next time he comes to Boston Calling.

Big Thief

This is my favorite band on the lower lines - I absolutely love Big Thief and think they are a wonderful addition to any festival poster and an act that fits right in at Boston Calling. I tend to think of them as a weird blend of dark indie, folk and some dance thrown in there on occassion. If you like bands like Car Seat Headrest, Whitney, Parquet Courts, or Whitney then Big Thief is going to be right up your alley. I really feel confident that these guys are going to move up festival posters - be sure to give them a listen before going to Boston Calling.


Pond is essentially Tame Impala minus the lead singer Kevin Parker. I saw them at Coachella last year and even during a brutally hot early day show they brought tons of energy and had the whole crowd into it. They definitely have parts of that psychedelic sound that has made Tame Impala so huge, but they aren't just Tame Impala lite. They have their own unique sound that is a bit more rock and less electronic. They are closer to King Gizzard or Unknown Mortal Orchestra than Tame. If you don't go in expecting Tame Impala level you will be pleasantly surprised by Pond. 


If you are going to Boston Calling 2018 I would implore you to dive into the lineup beyond the top lines. The guys (and gals) up top are fantastic, but there's also tons of great stuff on the lower lines. You'd be cheating yourself of some fantastic shows if you just went to Boston Calling in the afternoon. They clearly spent a lot of time finding great acts up and down the poster - take advantage of it.

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