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Article Summary

  • We break down all of the price associated with going to Boston Calling including tickets, hotels, getting to the festival daily, and more
  • The most expensive cost is actually accommodations / hotels
  • Tickets can be had from $129 for presale to $269 during the general sale

Music Festivals are expensive, there is no denying that. Boston Calling is no exception. From the tickets, to the hotel to the flights – it all adds up. One thing I’ve found useful when planning for music festivals is to try to estimate the total costs so I can budget appropriately. This article goes over how much you should be budgeting for Boston Calling. That is, how much can you expect your entire Boston Calling trip to cost you. I will break down each cost, how much you can expect to spend and then sum it all up at the end. Let’s start with the most obvious expense: Boston Calling tickets.

Boston Calling

Boston Calling Tickets - $269+

Boston Calling has a lot of ticket options: presale, 3-day, 1-day, general admission, VIP and more. Obviously your ticket cost will vary depending on what option you go with, but most people go with the standard three day general admission pass. Three day general admission passes were somewhere between $129 (presale) to $269 (general sale) depending on when you got them. If you want all the information on Boston Calling tickets check out our Tickets Guide, but for this estimation we will assume you got 3-Day GA passes during the general sale at $269.

Boston Calling Hotels - $1000 (4-nights at a 3-Star Hotel)

Boston is not cheap as anyone knows who’s travelled there. If you have a friends couch to crash on consider yourself lucky, because this is really the bulk of your Boston Calling costs.

Boston Calling Hotel Cost

The graph above shows the cost of Boston hotels during Boston Calling broken down by star rating. We track the prices of hotels every day for Boston Calling so you can see how the hotel prices have changed over time. If you want to see all this info and more check out our Boston Calling Hotels Page. Anywho, as you can see your costs at Boston Calling will depend on the level of hotel you book. If you go with a 3-star it will be about $250 per night, a 4-star will be about $300 and a 5-star will be painful. Use the estimate that works best for your lifestyle, but for our estimation we will go with a 3-star hotel that will be about $1000 for the weekend (assuming you get the hotel for Thursday to Monday of Boston Calling) – adjust appropriately for you.

Food / Drinks at Boston Calling - $50 Per Day

A lot of this depends how much you like to drink and eat at festivals. Here are what the prices look like at Boston Calling:

  • Beer - $7
  • Cocktails - $10
  • Food - $5 - $10

So it’s pretty standard festival prices, maybe even slightly cheaper than some of the big name festivals like Coachella or Outside Lands. That said, it can still add up quickly. You can get re-entry at Boston Calling so if you don’t have anything going on we suggest you check out a nearby bar or restaurant as the food isn’t great at Boston Calling. Generall you can get by with spending $50 or so a day at Boston Calling unless you get really indulgent.

Getting To Boston Calling Daily - $16.50

If you are looking for a full guide on getting to Boston Calling daily you should check out our transportation guide. In it you will find by far the best and most common way to get to Boston Calling is through the subway. Each one way pass on the subway will cost you $2.75, or for the whole three day weekend it will be $2.75 X 6, which is $16.50. This is one of the major benefits of a music festival in a major city – it’s easy and cheap to get to!

Flights to Boston

Obviously this will depend on where you are coming from, so it’s difficult for me to estimate. I will say that Boston in May and beyond can be quite expensive, especially for busy weekends like Boston Calling. I would suggest booking as early as possible once you are committed to going.

Transportation from Logan Airport

This will depend on where in Boston you are staying but typically an Uber or Cab from Logan Airport to popular areas such as downtown, the Back Bay, or the North End will be less than $20. There are also cheaper public transportation methods such as Blue Line train to either the Green or Red Line depending on where you are going. Essentially the Blue Line picks up at the airport and you can take it to connect to the other lines in Boston to get where you need. As I mentioned before the train is $2.75 each way so you can either pay $5.50 using the train or about $40 with an Uber or cab.

Adding It All Up




$269 (Can save if you get presale)


$1000 (3-Star for four nights in city)

Food / Drink Daily

$150 ($50 per day)

Getting to the Festival


Flights To Boston


Transportation From The Airport

$5.50 - $40 (Public Trans. Vs. Uber)


$1,441 - $1,475.5


So if you add up everything above you can see the final cost of close to $1,500. Some important points to consider:

  • The hotel is the big cost; if you have someone to split it with or a friends couch to crash on you can save a ton of money.
  • You can get tickets cheaper on presale or early bird for Boston Calling
  • Food / Drink could definitely be cheaper or much more expensive depending on how much you like to indulge.

Hopefully this has given you a rough approximation of costs for Boston Calling; adjust it based on your situation and have fun in Boston next year!

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