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Article Summary

  • There is no logical reason to drive to Boston Calling
  • The best options are biking (if you are close enough) and taking the subway
  • There is no official parking onsite and even unofficial parking lots are fairly difficult to find

One of the most common questions we get with Boston Calling is how you can actually get to the festival. Should you drive? Uber? How’s the train in Boston? This article will go over all the different ways you can get to Boston Calling, and how we suggest you do so. Let’s begin where Boston Calling actually is located.

Boston Calling Location

As of 2017 Boston Calling moved to Harvard Athletic Complex in Cambridge. The map below shows where Boston Calling will now take place. 

Should I drive to Boston Calling?

No. Moving on…

Just kidding – kind of. You really shouldn’t drive unless you really have no other possible options. Boston is one of the least enjoyable cities to drive on your average day, even more so when there is a big event like Boston Calling going on. That said, there is also no on-site parking available at the festival unless you went with a platinum pass. The area is residents only so don’t park unless you want to get towed. If you truly must drive the two closest parking lots are at the Lot at 41 Church St and the Lot at 1350 Massachusetts Ave. We highly suggest you reserve a spot at one of these two lots early if you for some reason must drive.

Taking the T / Subway to Boston Calling

If you aren’t from the area the subway in Boston is colloquially known as The T, so if I say the T I am just referring to the subway. The map below shows the map of the subway system. 


Towards the top left of the map on the Red Line you will see a big H for Harvard. That is your ultimate destination for Boston Calling. This is the Harvard Station stop and it is just a 10 minute walk or so down JFK Street to Boston Calling. Once you get off the train at Harvard head to JFK Street and just walk down about 10 minutes towards the Charles River. If you are worried about finding the festival I assure you it will be easy – just follow the crowd.

So essentially you can connect to the Red Line anywhere in the city and take that to Harvard. Every line but the Blue Line connects to the Red, so it should be easy enough to get to regardless of where in Boston you are staying. Most people stay in the Back Bay area, which will require you to take one of many stops on the Green Line to Park Street where you can connect to the Red Line. The subway in Boston is quite easy to use and only a few bucks ($2.75 technically) per ride, so this is a fast, efficient and cheap way to get to Boston calling. We highly suggest you use the subway to get to Boston Calling if you can.

South Station Boston Calling

What if I am coming from outside of Boston?

If you are commuting to Boston Calling from outside of the city I would highly suggest taking the commuter rail or Amtrak to Boston Calling. You can hop on one of these trains from essentially anywhere outside the city (even as far away as Providence) and take them to South Station, the main train hub in Boston. From South Station you can hop on the Red Line to the aforementioned Harvard Station, which is just a short walk to Boston Calling. Again I would like to emphasize this is the better option over driving, I assure you.

Biking to Boston Calling

If you are close enough to bike to Boston Calling then this is a terrific option for getting to the festival. Virtually every other mode of transportation, whether it’s Uber, train, driving yourself, etc. will deal with traffic. You are either waiting to board a train or waiting in traffic in your car. The great part about riding a bike to Boston Calling is you can easily come and go as you please. Boston Calling has free parking on site, so just be sure to bring your own bike lock (not provided by the festival) and to remember where you parked. I’d really like to emphasize the second point – after a long day of adult beverages at Boston Calling it’s easy to forget where you parked.

Taking a Cab or Uber to Boston Calling

Definitely an option, and definitely not the cheap or economical option. Tons of people will be looking for an Uber or Lyft after the festival, so fully expect a $50+ ride back to the city; in years past the rates have had pretty steep surcharges. Only take an Uber if you really need to.

So how should I get to Boston Calling

If You Are In Boston: If you are close enough to bike then bike to Boston Calling. If not take the T / Subway to the festival. It’s not perfect, and you may need to wait to get on a train after the festival lets out, but it’s still way cheaper than the other options. It’s also not that much slower given all the traffic associated with any transportation by vehicle. 

If You Aren’t In Boston: Take the commuter rail to South Station and from there take the Red Line to Harvard Station. I really do not recommend driving as there is no official parking and unofficial parking lots will be extremely expensive.

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