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Article Summary

  • List of items you can and cannot bring to Boston Calling
  • Probably the biggest change from most festivals is Boston Calling does not allow backpacks

It’s always good to review what you can and cannot bring to Boston Calling before to head off to the festival. You don’t want to make your way to the festival only to have to turn around because you can’t part with something you thought you could bring in. Below we talk about the allowed and prohibited items, as well as what we think you should bring to make your time a little more enjoyable. Let’s begin with what is allowed at Boston Calling.

Allowed Items / Things You Should Bring at Boston Calling

Note that this list comes from the Official Boston Calling information page. We try to always keep this updated but you should always double check there to be 100% sure.

  • Sunscreen Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Non-professional film and digital cameras
  • Factory-sealed bottle of water (non-glass container)
  • A small clear plastic bag (no backpacks are allowed inside the festival)
  • Valid Driver’s License for will-call and/or to purchase alcohol
  • Comfortable footwear

Items Not Allowed at Boston Calling

  • Cigarettes, Cigars, Lighters or Tabaco of any kind – Boston Calling is a No Smoking Festival. Due to the composition of some of the fields, cigarettes will not be permitted on site and will be confiscated.
  • Large bags/backpacks (bags can be no larger than 12” x 12”)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Professional cameras & recording devices (no SLR/DSLR or cameras with detachable lenses)
  • Illegal substances
  • Squirt guns, misters, spray bottles, etc
  • Laser pens and similar focused-light devices
  • Chairs / Strollers
  • Cans, canteens, flasks (empty water bottles will be allowed)
  • Pets
  • Bicycles, scooters, personal motorized vehicles
  • Musical instruments
  • Sleeping bags (no overnight camping)
  • Picnic blankets
  • Umbrellas
  • Any container of liquid other than 1 factory sealed bottle of water
  • Totem poles or flag sticks
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Fake IDs – they will be confiscated and your wristband will be cut without refund.

Common Questions About What You Can Bring

Admittedly not everything is covered by the official Boston Calling allowed / not allowed list. Here are some of the most common questions we get in terms of what you can bring to the festival:

Can I bring my own food?

Negative – Boston Calling does not allow you to bring your own food. You can obviously try to sneak it in, but if a security guard finds it you likely just provided him with lunch.

Can I bring water? Camelbaks?

You are allowed to bring a factory sealed water bottle to Boston Calling. It cannot be opened prior to going to Boston Calling, or you won’t get it in. You cannot bring a Camelbak unless it is a clear bag (just the hydration pack). Boston Calling does not allow backpacks, so if you cannot just bring the hydration pack that is see through, then no camelbak unfortunately.

What’s the deal with backpacks at Boston Calling?

Most music festivals allow you to bring a backpack, but Boston Calling isn’t one of them. Boston Calling only allows small, clear plastic bags. You cannot bring a regular backpack unfortunately.

What about medicine?

Boston Calling doesn’t explicitly say anything about this, but general music festivals allow you to bring a daily dosage. For example, if you bring Tylenol it needs to be in the individual packets and they need to be sealed. If you have prescribed medicine typically you need a copy of your prescription and just the dosage for that day with you.

What does non-professional camera mean?

If you missed it above you are allowed to bring cameras as long as they are not professional cameras. Typically this means you cannot have a detachable lenses with your camera. Security is sometimes not super strict with this, but if you want to play it safe don’t bring anything with a detachable lenses.

How do I sneak alcohol into Boston Calling?

This is wrong and I obviously cannot condone this behavior. That said, I have had tremendous success with these little guys at multiple music festivals.

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