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Article Summary

  • Ohana tickets and lineup come out in late March to early April
  • Tickets will ship in August, about a month before the festival
  • Set times come out really late, usually a couple of days before Ohana Festival

If you are trying to plan for Ohana Fest one thing you may of encountered is it’s hard to find dates: when does the lineup come out? When does the festival release tickets? When will my wristband ship? The goal of this article is to organize all these dates into one resource. Here you will find all the important dates for Ohana that you should know so you can prepare for next year. Let’s begin with when the lineup is announced.

Ohana Lineup –March (March 13th in 2017)

Ohana is now going into its second year. The first year the lineup for Ohana came out on April 4th and in the second year (2017) the lineup was released on March 13th. In general music festivals keep releasing their lineups earlier and earlier, so we expect Ohana to edge more towards the 2nd year in March rather than the prior in April. Thus look for the Ohana lineup next March.

Ohana Tickets – March (March 17th in 2017)

Like most music festivals Ohana releases their lineup and puts tickets on sale a few days later. For Ohana 2016 tickets went on sale three days after the lineup (April 7th) and four days later in 2017 (March 17th). Thus, similar to the lineup you can look for tickets to be released in March.

Ohana Tickets Ship – August

As is the case with most music festivals, Ohana begins shipping about a month before the festival takes place. Given Ohana is now taking place in early September you can look for passes to begin shipping in August. If you don’t get your pass until late August don’t worry, Ohana says until we get to September and you don’t have a pass there is no need to worry.

Ohana Releases Set Times – Early September (September 6th in 2017)

Ohana unfortunately releases their set times about as late as any festival I have ever seen. For example, Ohana Festival in 2017 took place on September 8th and set times were released on September 6th. Ohana gave the same short, two-day notice in 2016. Some festivals release their set times really early, and some release them really late. Unfortunately Ohana goes with the latter and releases their set times incredibly late. The good news is because Ohana is such a small festival there aren’t nearly as many conflicts as other festivals, so getting the set times so late is not a huge deal.

Ohana Fest – Early September

Given Ohana is only a couple years old the date of the actual festival could change going forward, but it seems right now it will take place in the late August to early September range. If you are from Southern California you know this is the best time of the year in SoCal weather. Ohana couldn’t have picked a better time for us all to get together to jam out on the beach!

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