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How much does Ohana Music Festival Cost? We break it down!

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Article Summary

  • We go over and approximate the costs for an entire trip to Ohana Festival in Dana Point, CA
  • Ohana three-day GA passes will run you $335
  • Other expenses include hotel (the most expensive), getting there daily, and food/drinks at the festival

Trying to go to Ohana Fest next year? One of the most important things to consider with planning your trip is how much you can expect the experience to cost you. Obviously everyone thinks of the cost of the passes, but anyone who has been to a music festival before knows there are a lot more costs associated with it than just tickets. This article tries to give you a rough approximation of how much you can expect your Ohana experience to cost you including tickets, getting there, hotels, food and more. At the end of the article we add up everything to see how much the whole thing costs. Let’s begin with the cost of passes.

Ohana Fest Passes: $335

Obviously Ohana offers different passes for all budgets, ranging from a single day general admission pass at $119.50 to VIP 3-day passes for over $1,200. That said, most people go with the standard three-day general admission pass. As of Ohana 2017 this pass will run you $275 plus $60 in fees for a total of $335. Ohana passes are fairly expensive with them being the same price as Lollapalooza and more than other bigger music festivals such as Hangout and Austin City Limits. Anyways, I digress – if you are doing a different pass than the 3-day GA just change the $335 total I am using in my end calculation. If you want all the details on Ohana tickets check out our full article here.

Accommodations: $450 to $1,000

This is the one that will vary the most for people. In the immediate area of Dana Point there are very limited hotels, with prices skyrocketing for the weekend of Ohana. If you go outside the area it’s still expensive, but a little bit more reasonable. The real issue is that the immediate surrounding areas, such as San Clemente, don’t have many hotels either. Thus if you want a hotel that is close to Ohana you are going to be paying $300 or so a night, if not more. If you are willing to go out a bit to Newport Beach or areas 20-35 minutes away you can find hotels in the $125ish price range. Thus I will give two approximatons:

Within 10 Minutes to Ohana: Even if you book early you are going to be looking at $300+ a night. This will total to at least $1,000 for your Ohana weekend.

Within 20-35 Minutes to Ohana: This can be a little more reasonable with hotels being roughly $125 or so a night. This will total to about $450 for the weekend.

Note that I realize you can stay in a hostel and it be cheaper, and you can stay at the Ritz and it will be more expensive. The point is to give you a rough approximation of costs. This is all based on our tracking of Ohana hotel prices, which you can find tons of information about on our Ohana Hotels Page.

Getting to Ohana: Free to $45

Getting to Ohana is not too expensive, depending on what form of transportation you use. If you are close enough to walk or bike this will be free: walking is obviously free, but Ohana also offers free bike valet on site. If you are close enough to the festival I strongly suggest you utilize one of these options as the traffic getting into Ohana is pretty rough. If you want to take the official Ohana shuttle you can pick it up from the San Clemente Outlets and it will run you $10 a day. If you choose to drive yourself parking will cost you $15 a day. Thus your price range is somewhere between free (walking/biking) and $45 (parking on site every day) for the weekend.

Food & Drinks: $75/Day

Ohana food and booze prices are pretty standard in terms of music festival prices. Domestic beer will be $8-10, craft beers about $12, cocktails about $12-15 and most food items will be $8-12. How much you spend over the course of the weekend really depends on how much you pregame and how much you want to get drunk at Ohana. Most of the days I’ve spent at Ohana I do a decent amount of drinking and eating, but nothing too excessive, and I generally spend about $75 a day or $225 for the weekend.

Total Ohana Fest Costs







Getting There


Food & Drinks




So for your Ohana Festival trip you are looking at $1000+ at least. Again, I know you can do everything cheaper or more luxuriously, but this is a pretty good starting point for approximation of the costs for Ohana Fest.  Like I said at the beginning, just because you got your tickets doesn’t mean you’ve paid for your entire Ohana experience.  Obviously the hotel is the big expense so if you don’t need this, or you can book early to help reduce the costs it be a huge help in terms of keeping costs manageable. Hopefully this article has been helpful for planning your next trip to Ohana, see you all on the beach!



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