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Is Interpol playing Austin City Limits 2017?

May 1, 2017, 4:35 p.m.
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So I like to speculate about lineups as much as anyone, and with the Austin City Limits lineup looming this Thursday I am knee deep in conspiracy theories. This one focuses on a band of my youth: Interpol. Interpol last played Austin City Limits in 2014, and I am thinking/hoping they will be there again for ACL 2017. The evidence? Admittedly this is most speculation but whatever, a man has to have a dream:

Interpol just announced they will be playing in Los Angeles on September 30th, less than a week before Austin City Limits 2017 begins. It's a short little trip to Austin from LA, and they could play some shows between that are yet to be announced. What feeds my speculation more is that Interpol is playing Mexico City in between Austin City Limits weekends with shows on October 17/18 in Mexico City. This is an ACL staple of performers going down to Mexico City for massive shows between the ACL weekends. Radiohead did it last year and I believe Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing the same thing for ACL 2017.

So I personally think Interpol will be at Austin City Limits. Pairing them with Spoon and The Shins makes for an awesome undercard which could not have me more excited for ACL 2017. Currently Interpol is touring Turn On The Bright Lights as part of an anniversary tour where they play the album in its entiriety. Will they do this at ACL? I'm not sure, but I sure hope so. Either way I will be stoked if Interpol is indeed on the Austin City Limits poster when it comes out this Thursday.

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