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Arctic Monkeys To Headline Austin City Limits 2018 Lineup

April 24, 2018, 2:42 p.m.
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Ok nothing is officially confirmed for Austin City Limits 2018, but you can go ahead and sharpie in Arctic Monkeys for one of the headlining spots. Today the band released tour dates going through October, and they set up perfectly for ACL 2018. For the record, Austin City Limits W1 2018 is October 5-7 and Austin City Limits W2 is October 12-14. If you look at the Arctic Monkeys tour they are in the Texas area during this stretch, and have no Austin date. Specifically it looks like they will headline Saturday or Sunday of Austin City Limits this year. Again, nothing is confirmed but the lack of an Austin show with the fact that they are in Texas with dates open for both weekends screams ACL 2018. If I were able to bet on this in Vegas I would wager my mortgage that the Monkeys will be headlining Austin City Limits 2018.

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