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Austin City Limits 2018 Guide: Tickets, Lineup, Rumors, Presale & More

Oct. 8, 2017, 9:04 a.m.
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Austin City Limits has come and gone, and now it's time to start planning for ACL 2018. This post will go over everything you need to plan for Austin City Limits 2018: when the lineup comes out, how the presale works, when you should book a hotel and more. We will also speculate a bit with who could headline ACL 2018. Let's first go over the important dates you need to know for Austin City Limits 2018.

Austin City Limits 2018 Dates

ACL has officially released the dates for Austin City Limits 2018. Weekend one will be October 5th to 7th and weekend two will be held from October 12th to 14th. These are pretty standard dates for ACL in the early weekends of October.


Austin City Limits 2018 Presale

I actually bought tickets for ACL 2017 on presale. If you are committed to going to Austin City Limits it is the cheapest time to purchase passes. The presale usually takes place the week after ACL Weekend 2 (mid-October) wtaps up and lasts for one day. As you can see from my purchase in the picture below, ACL presale last year was $240 per pass. The passes won't sell out typically during the presale, but as I mentioned the sale will only last one day so be ready to snag them when they go on sale if you're interested.

ACL Presale

Austin City Limits 2018 Lineup Release

The table below shows the date of the Austin City Limits lineup release going back to 2004. As you can see in recent years ACL has been very consistent with being released in the first week of May. We expect this to continue in 2018 so get ready for the lineup release in May.


Day of Lineup Announcement


April 22nd


May 4th


May 5th


May 4th

Austin City Limits 2018 Tickets

Like most music festivals, Austin City Limits will release their lineup and put their passes on sale the next morning. As I mentioned the lineup will come out in early May so around this time look for the passes to go on sale as well. Weekend 1 will usually sell out within the first couple of weeks, but Weekend 2 typcially won't sell out (and if it does it isn't for months). Obviously this will vary year to year based on the lineup, but it's a good rule of thumb. If you want all the information on ACL passes you should check out our full guide on ACL passes.

Austin City Limits 2018 Payment Plan

If you want all the details on the ACL payment plan check out our full guide. Here's the short version:

  • The payment plan splits your pass into three payments of 40%, 30% and 30%

  • The ACL payment plan can be used for GA, VIP or platinum passes

  • It is available for both ACL presale in October and the general sale in October

Austin City Limits 2018 Hotels

ACL Hotel Prices

On our Austin City Limits Hotels Page we keep track of hotel prices in Austin for the dates of ACL every day. The graph above shows the average price of hotels in Austin for every date last year. As you can see it was pretty consistent, and there really wasn't a best time to book. This is atypical as we usually see prices shoot up as the event approaches. The good news is you an book early if you are committed, but if you aren't sure about attended ACL you can wait to book a hotel and not get screwed on the price. That said, hotels in downtown Austin do fill up quickly, so if you want a hotel with good location you may want to book early.

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Who Will Headline Austin City Limits 2018?

Now let's get to the fun stuff: who will be headlining Austin City Limits 2018? For the record I have no inside information - this is just me speculating like an ACL fan like you. Here's who I see as the most likely potential headliners for Austin City Limits in 2018.

Arcade Fire ACL 2018

Potential ACL 2018 Headliner: Arcade Fire

I expect Arcade Fire to headline a lot of festivals in 2018, including Austin City Limits. Admittedly I thought they would be headlining in 2017, but better late than never. They played a lot of European festivals last year, and I expect them to play a lot of them in the States this year. As a band who really rose to stardom by playing the hell out of festivals ACL makes a lot of sense for them in 2018. Plus we know they aren't played Coachella, a Goldenvoice festival, in April. This makes me think that next year they will be playing Live Nation festivals, of which Austin City Limits is one.

jack White ACL 2018

Potential ACL 2018 Headliner: Jack White

Jack White hasn't headlined the festival since 2012, which makes him back in the running for 2018, especially given he has a new album out. He typically plays a lot of festivals when he has new material out, and 2018 could be his return to Austin City Limits.

Foo Fighers ACL

Potential ACL 2018 Headliner: Foo Fighters

New album and will be touring in 2018, so it makes a lot of sense to have them headline in 2018 if ACL can snag them. Currently they have no texas dates at all and their tour dates are wide open after March of 2018. Typically when tour dates end around March it is a signal that there will be summer festivals that cannot be announced yet. I already think Foo Fighters will headline Lollapalooza, and there is always crossover between the Lolla and ACL. I expect Foo Fighters to be at both in 2018. Yes I know they headlined in 2015, but I still think this could happen in 2018.

Metallica ACL 2018

Potential ACL 2018 Headliner: Metallica

I feel like Metallica is rumored every year and it never happens, but 2018 could finally be the year. They have tour dates announced through May of next year, so they are open as of now for ACL. Also, they didn't play any festivals in 2017 besides Outside Lands, which could make them ripe for the circuit in 2018. Given that they are one of the biggest names in rock and are yet to play ACL it makes a lot of sense they would headline eventually.

Other Potential ACL Headliners

  • Arctic Monkeys - New album and tour potentially in 2018. They would likely only be taking headlining spots on their next tour, and would be a cheaper headliner if ACL was able to snag some really big names in the other spots.

  • Vampire Weekend - Their new album has been rumored forever now, but if 2018 is indeed the year they are likely im a similar position to Arctic Monkeys and could justify a headlining spot at many festivals.

  • Eminem - Has played ACL as a headliner before and the fest typically does have a hip hop headliner. Given that Jay-Z, Kendrick and Chance have now all played the last couple years there are limited artists who could be the hip hop headliner.

  • The Chainsmokers - God help me if it reaches this, but there are rumors they are going to play a lot of festivals in 2018 and they would undoubtedly headline any festival at this point. I don't want it to happen but you may want to mentally prepare for this.

  • The Weeknd - Again I don't like it, but ACL isn't going to have 4 rock headliners, so The Weeknd could fill one of those spots. He is allegedly going to be on the festival circuit in 2018 and is heavily rumored for Coachella. He actually was going to headline Lollapalooza this year, but dropped out last minute. He could be back at both Lolla and ACL next year.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know who you think should be at ACL 2018 below! 

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