Coachella 2019 Planning Guide: Presale, Tickets, Lineup Release & More

Feb. 20, 2018, 6:44 p.m.
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Coachella 2019 may seem like a far ways away (and it is) but I assure you Coachella is something you want to plan for as early as possible. Here we are going to go over everything you need to know about Coachella 2019: when tickets will go on sale, when you can take advantage of the presale, if you should book a house or hotel, when the lineup comes out, etc. If you still have a question after reading out planning guide feel free to reach out to us. For now, let's get to the Coachella planning.

When do Coachella 2019 tickets go on sale?

There are two official times to get Coachella tickets: presale and general sale. Let's go over each of these quickly so you know when to be ready to drop some dough on Coachella.

Coachella Presale

Generally this occurs in late June or early July, about 6 weeks after Coachella has wrapped up for this year. For the record, here are Coachella's presale dates going back to 2014.

Coachella 2018 June 2nd, 2017
Coachella 2017 June 8th, 2016
Coachella 2016 June 4th, 2015
Coachella 2015 May 16th, 2014
Coachella 2014 May 24, 2013

These tickets will sell out in a couple of hours so you need to stay on top of it. We recommend either subscribing to our Coachella newsletter (do so above) or by following Coachella on social media. Here's the pros and cons of presale:

Pros - You can use the Coachella payment plan (splits the cost of tickets into 7 payments), generally it's easier to get tickets during presale, and if it sells out before you get tickets you still have another shot in the general sale.

Cons - No lineup so you need to purchase passes with no knowledge of who will be at Coachella 2019

Coachella General Sale

The Coachella general sale always occurs in early January. The general sale is when Coachella officially release its lineup and puts tickets on sale a couple of days later. This is your last chance to get Coachella 2019 passes at face value. These also will sell out within a few hours so take the same steps recommended above to stay appraised of any Coachella news.  Here are the dates for the Coachella general sale going back years:































As you can see Coachella is pretty much a lock for early Janaury. We have a full guide on steps to purchasing Coachella passes but here is the abbreviated version:

  • Be on time: tickets usually go on sale at 10 am. Do Not show up at 10:05, show up at 9:50 and be ready to go
  • One the time hits you will enter a Coachella virtual waiting room that randomly lets people in and allows them to purchase Coachella 2018 passes
  • Use multiple devices and browsers: use your laptop, iPad, iPhone, and whatever else will connect to the Internet
  • Friends can buy passes so anyone in your squad going to Coachella with you should be trying to get passes
  • If you have a large group and one person gets through they can buy two passes as a time. However, once they purchase them they should go back into the waiting room. My fiancee always seems to get right back through to purchase more passes. One year she got through to purchase four times before I got through once!
  • Know what passes you want before hand (VIP vs. GA) as you have a limited amount of time to complete your transaction
  • In general I feel the difficulty of getting Coachella passes is a myth: every year I have wanted to go we get tickets. Follow the tips in the article above, be punctual, and you will be fine

Summary On Coachella 2019 tickets:

I suggest getting them presale in late June / early July. If you don't want to purchase before the lineup look for tickets to go on sale in early January.

 What are Coachella 2019's dates?

This won't be confirmed by Coachella until after 2018 wraps up, but based on previous years Coachella 2019 Weekend One will be April 12th - April 14th and Coachella 2019 Weekend Two will be April 19th - 21st. Coachella doesn't vary dates / weekends so you can lock this in for 2019.

When should I book my hotel or house for Coachella 2019?

Right now. Literally leave our website (or go to our Coachella Hotels Page) and go book something. If you are camping you will simply purchase a camping pass when you purchase your Coachella 2019 passes. However, if you are booking a hotel or a house I legitimately suggest you book as soon as possible. Coachella takes place in the middle of the desert and thus there is a pretty limited hotel selection. Palm Springs is the biggest nearby city, and even that only has a few dozen hotels. Generally I book my house or hotel sometime between April and June, so 9 to 12 months in advance. I understand this is early but keep in mind 100,000+ people go to Coachella and there is pretty limited housing for this amount of people so things book quick. I promise you if you wait until the general sale in January to look into accommodations you will regret it.

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What are the best airports to fly into for Coachella?

For a more detailed answer see our full article on the best airports for Coachella. Generally most people fly into LAX as it will be the airport you get the cheapest rate since it's the biggest airport. That said I prefer to fly into San Diego as I find the airport experience more enjoyable (less busy, easier drive) and the rate is comparable. Also the drive is about equidistant as the traffic in LA is always worse. Other airport options include Ontario and John Wayne in Orange County.

Note that I didn't include Palm Springs, which technically is the closest hotel. I didn't include it because during Coachella the flight prices are absolutely ridiculous. If costs are not an issue for you then look into Palm Springs International Airport. If costs are in fact an issue for you look to the other airport options.

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