Everything To Know About Coachella 2018 Tickets

Oct. 5, 2017, 2:41 p.m.
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Now that the calendar has turned to October we are only three months away from the Coachella 2018 Lineup and tickets going on sale. If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets during the Coachella presale in June this is your last chance to get tickets. Here's a quick summary of everything you should know about Coachella 2018 tickets. If you want to see our full ticket guide for Coachella tickets check this out.

They Go On Sale in January


Day in January



























The table above shows what day in January Coachella has released their lineup going all the way back to 2005. As you can see in recent years the trend is the first week of January. Generally the lineup is announced and tickets go on sale the next day or two days later.

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Coachella Ticket Costs

This year Coachella raised their ticket prices for the first time in a few years. Here's the prices for Coachella 2018:

  • GA - $429
  • GA + Shuttle - $504
  • VIP - $999

Also note in January there will be camping, shuttles, parking and other accessory passes on sale. We recommend figuring out what you need before it goes on sale and getting everything when you buy your tickets. You can purchase camping passes or anything else later, but you run the risk of it selling out. Like I said - figure out if you need a shuttle pass, camping, etc and get it in January.

Coachella Tickets Will Sell Out Quick

Typically Coachella tickets will only be available for a few hours, and that's for both weekends. Coachella weekend one will sell out within a couple hours and the second weekend will sell out shortly thereafter. You need to be on Coachella's website the minute they go on sale, get in the waiting room, and wait/hope to get through. Don't forget to be there on time or you will miss out.

But If You Want VIP You Have Time

The above statement about Coachella selling out quickly is the general admission passes. VIP passes, which are $999, will not sell out for months, if at all. If you are going with VIP passes you have time to decide whether or not to go if you are still trying to figure out logistics.

Coachella Has No Payment Plan in January

There's no payment plan for the general sale in January. If you wanted to take advantage of the Coachella payment plan you needed to purchase in June.

Coachella Tickets Are Not Impossible to Get

Despite what you may here about Coachella selling out and being hard to get, it's not that bad. Every year I have tried to get tickets I have been able to. Here's some parting tips:

  • Tickets go on sale at 10, so be on Coachella's tickets website by 9:55

  • Use multiple devices such as your laptop, tablet, phone, etc

  • Have everyone in your group try to get tickets

  • If one person gets in and purchases tickets have them go back into the waiting room after they finish purchasing. I have found that person can sometimes can back into purchase another set of tickets before other people get through once

  • Don't refresh the browser once you are in the waiting room

If Tickets Sell Out You Aren't Doomed

If you do miss out on Coachella tickets you can still get them through Stubhub, Seatgeek, or other third party markets. We have a full guide on getting Coachella tickets through these marketplaces that you should give a read if you miss out on Coachella tickets. In general right after tickets go on sale prices will be steep so we suggest waiting. Generally around late February prices will begin to drop as people become desperate to sell.


Often people stress out over getting Coachella passes, but I assure you it isn't that bad. Follow the tips and advice above and I will see you at the Polo Fields in April. As always if you have any questions about Coachella tickets feel free to ask in the comments below or reach out to us at

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