Coachella 2018 Presale Sells Out: How To Still Get Tickets

June 3, 2017, 7:52 a.m.
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In perhaps the least surprising news of the day Coachella sold out its presale in a matter of hours like usual. Despite the price increase of Coachella from $399 to $429 the tickets still sold out incredibly fast. Still, there seemed to be far less complaints about Coachella's sysem this year with many people complimenting how fast and stress free the experience was. I know for us we were able to snag four sets of Coachella passes in a matter of 15-20 minutes so our entire group is all set. Hopefully you had similar luck if you were trying to get passes yesterday. 

How To Still Get Coachella Tickets

Coachella has routinely sold out it's presale and yesterday was no exception. Still, not everyone was able to or remembered to get passes during Coachella's presale. If that includes you, here's how you can still be at Coachella 2018:

General Sale in January - The presale was certainly not all of the tickets Coachella is going to sell. In fact, the majority of tickets will still be up for sale at face value in early January. Lately Coachella has released their lineup the first week of January with the ticket sale coming at the same time. You will have another shot at Coachella tickets then.

Coachella Passes Through Third Party Markets - This is such a popular topic we have a full article on the matter here. this is a popular method for purchasing Coachella passes as many people buy them to just sell them. The longer you wait the better the price you will likely get as people become desperate to sell as Coachella approaches. This isn't always the case and it can increase last minute, but generally prices will go down as Coachella approaches.

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