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Article Summary

  • I break down some of the costs you should be aware of in Las Vegas before you head off to ring in the New Year
  • If you have been to Vegas before you will know these, but if you haven’t been to Vegas before they may be new to you
  • Resort fees, parking fees, airport transportation, ticket fees, and other fees can add several hundred dollars to your New Year’s trip you may not have been anticipating

If you are going to Las Vegas for the first time when you go to New Year’s Eve let me welcome you! Vegas is my favorite place in the world; there are so many terrific things about Las Vegas.  One of thing that is certainly not terrific about Las Vegas is the fact that it is the most expensive place on earth.  OK that’s not statistically true, but Las Vegas is incredibly expensive.  They get you in with the cheap hotel prices but then they nail you left and right the whole time you are there to make up for it.  The goal of this article is to let you know about hidden fees / costs you should be taking into account for your Las Vegas New Year’s Eve trip.  New Year’s Eve tickets tickets alone are already expensive (assuming you aren’t just freezing in the streets) so financially I know it can be a tight trip for a lot of us.  Make sure you budget accordingly by taking into account all of these fees that you will have once you get to Vegas.

Resort Fees - $30+ Per Night
This is probably the biggest and most expensive one that people don’t take into account for New Year’s Eve, especially if you have never been to Las Vegas.  Note that this generally just applies to hotels on the Strip so if you aren’t staying on the Strip this isn’t an issue for you.  Anyways, nearly every hotel on the Strip charges something called a ‘resort fee’.  What is it? In full honesty, it’s a way for them to screw you out of more money.  Resort fees are absolute garbage but they are a way of life for Las Vegas so you need to be aware of them for your trip.  Typically resort fees let you connect to WiFi, make local calls, get a newspaper daily, some give you access to the fitness center, and some other random things.  It’s not ever worth what you pay for it, especially when you take into account that for New Year’s Eve you are likely there for several days so the resort fees can be near $200 or more depending on the length of your stay.  If you want more information on resort fees for your New Year’s Eve trip check out

Parking Fees - $5 to $15 a day
Until recently one of the great things about going to Vegas was there was no parking fees at any of the casinos.  This was perfect for those of us who are travelling to Vegas from areas close enough to drive.  You could drive to Vegas, park your car for New Year’s Eve at your hotel for free, and go about your weekend.  No longer my friends! Las Vegas now charges for parking at nearly every hotel on the Strip.  Perhaps the biggest load of crap with this is if you are a hotel guest parking is not included in your resort fee.  Be sure to remember this for your New Year’s Eve trip! You can get a great breakdown of what each hotel charges for parking by visiting

Travelling To/From the Airport - $10-$30
If you are flying into Las Vegas for New Year's be sure to take into account getting from McCarran to your hotel.  The taxi fees will really vary depending on where you are staying for New Year's.  Use the map below as a reference.  Travelling to the South end of the strip (bottom of the picture) to hotels such as Mandalay Bay or MGM grand will be $10-$15.  To the center of the Strip will be around downtown, and to the North end of the strip will be $25-$30.  If you are looking to go to downtown Las Vegas from the airport you will be looking at $35 or so each way.  Note that these are estimates for nonpeak times.  For New Year's Eve in Las Vegas they begin shutting down major roads, including the Strip itself, around 5 p.m.  If you come after this your cab fare is going to go up as there will be detours and insane traffic.  Try to get into Vegas before that if you can.  Don’t forget to account for your airport travelling in your New Year's Eve budget!

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