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Outside Lands 2018 Announces Eager Beaver Sale

March 27, 2018, 11:03 a.m.
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Eager Beaver 2018Moments ago I literally got the email that Outside Lands is announcing the annual Eager Beaver sale for 3/29. Tickets for Outside Lands 2018 Eager Beaver sale will be priced at $325, a refreshing drop from last year's absurd prices, especially given the fact that Queens Of The Stone Age and A Tribe Called Quest did not even play at Outside Lands. Yes I am still bitter. Anyways, here are the prices for Outside Lands 2018 Eager Beaver:

  • Three Day GA: $325 + Fees
  • Three Day VIP: $749.50 + Fees

Confused by Eager Beaver or have no idea what I am talking about? Eager Beaver is the Outside Lands equivalent of a presale. It essentially lets you purchase passes on a discount, but the lineup isn't out. Here's how it works:

  • This week on 3/29 Eager Beaver will take place, likely for the day
  • Tickets during Eager Beaver are $325 or $750 depending on if you want GA or VIP
  • After 3/29 tickets won't be on sale again until likely Tuesday next week
  • On Tuesday (likely, could be another day) next week Outside Lands will release the lineup
  • Tickets will go back on sale at an elevated price, likely $350 or $375

So essentially Outside Lands lets you save money by purchasing before the lineup comes out. Is it worth the gamble? For me it is because I always love the Outside Lands lineup, but if you don't then you should just wait until the lineup comes out. If you still have questions on Outside Lands tickets I recommend our Outside Lands Tickets Guide, or contact me directly with any questions.

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