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Outside Lands 2018 Preview: Dates, Tickets, Lineup & More

Aug. 13, 2017, 6:38 p.m.
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Sadly it's a long time until Outside Lands 2018, but it's never too early to start planning. This article goes over all the things you need to know for planning OSL 2018 - when it is, when tickets go on sale, when the lineup comes out and more. If you are new to Outside Lands you may want to check out our Outside Lands Planning Guides section, which has tons of information for planning the perfect trip to Outside Lands. For now let's get to specific information for Outside Lands 2018.

Outside Lands 2018 Lineup Discussion

So this page is for helping people plan and budget for Outside Lands 2018 as a trip. If you want Outside Lands 2018 lineup discussion check this out!

What are Outside Lands 2018 dates?

We are anticipating Outside Lands 2018 to be on August 10-12th, 2018. Outside Lands is typically the second weekend of August running from Friday to Sunday. These dates would be in line with how Outside Lands usually operates. These are NOT confirmed but should be soon - Outside Lands usually officially announces dates shortly after this years festival.

When do Outside Lands 2018 tickets go on sale?

If you want the full breakdown on Outside Lands tickets check out this article. Generally Outside Lands releases their tickets in late March or early April. Note also there is no payment plan for Outside Lands, at least as of 2017. Budget appropriately for when passes go on sale in the spring! Here is how Outside Lands tickets work:

  1. Eager Beaver - This is their "Presale" where you can snag Outside Lands passes slightly ($20) cheaper than the regular sale. Outside Lands typically does the Eager Beaver sale in late March or early April, a week before the lineup comes out. Basically you save $20 if you purchase passes before the lineup comes out. Eager Beaver was $355 last year (does not include the $40 in fees)

  2. Lineup Announcement - A week or so after the Eager Beaver sale Outside Lands will put out their official lineup. Here are the dates for the last four Outside Lands lineup releases:


    Day of Lineup Announcement


    April 8th  


    March 24th


    April 5th  


    April 4th

    Thus you should look for the Outside Lands 2018 lineup around the spring time.

  3. Tickets Back On Sale - Usually two days after the Outside Lands lineup comes out the tickets will go back on sale at an elevated price ($375 in 2017)

Do Outside Lands tickets sell out?

Maybe - it will be interesting to see if Outside Lands reduces their ticket prices next year because 2017 was pretty embarassing for the festival. Their $415 price tag after fees is pretty absurd compared to other music festivals around the country. Until Outside Lands either makes their prices more reasonable or provides more to festivalgoers I don't see this thing selling out. 

Let's Talk Outside Lands Hotels

You can find a ton of information and useful tidbits at out Outside Lands Hotels page including price tracking, which will show you historically the cheapest time to book Outside Lands hotels. Based on data last year we saw the cheapest time for hotels in January, but honestly they didn't increase too much in the spring if you needed to wait to book. San Francisco is certainly expensive in the summer time, so be prepared to pay a good amount for an Outside Lands hotel. You can register with Event Track and get automatic notifications of the best hotel deals for Outside Lands throughout San Francisco by adding Outside Lands to the events you track.

What's The Best Airport For Outside Lands?

Generally you will just fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can also look into Oakland or even Sacramento, but SFO is a huge airport and usually has the cheapest rates. From the airport you can take the BART (train) to San Francisco for under $20, or an Uber/Lyft will generally be between $20 and $30.

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