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The Outside Lands Schedule is Finally Here

Aug. 3, 2017, 7:41 a.m.
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It came late, but better late than never I suppose. Outside Lands has finally posted their full set times for 2017 - check it out here. This is the latest Outside Landss has posted their set times in awhile, most likely due to the fact that Queens of the Stone Age dropped out and were replaced by Cage The Elephant (don't get me started). The set times feature the full schedule, including for The Barbary so you are all set to plan your full Outside Lands adventures. Here's what our thoughts were on the OSL 2017 schedule.

Good: A Tribe Called Quest Into Gorillaz

We all wanted it to happen and Outside Lands delivered with Tribe opening up for Gorillaz. This should be an awesome way to close out the first night of Outside Lands.

Bad: The Rest of Friday Evening

As soon as the daily schedules came out I knew Friday night was going to be a mess. Alt-J, Fleet Foxes, Belle & Sebastian and Future Islands all on the bill for Friday night was sure to cause problems and it did. Given how the stages are separated at OSL you basically need to decide between the aforementioned Tribe/Gorillaz or some combo of these bands.

Good: Lands End Stage on Saturday

Temples into Warpaint into Royal Blood into Cage into Metaliica makes for a great day of rock music. Of course if you replace Cage with Queens of the Stone Age like we were supposed to have it be even better, but I digress.

Bad: Empty Twin Peaks on Saturday

Twin Peaks is dark for 3 hours on Saturday leading into Empre of the Sun. Maybe Outside Lands has a surprise up their sleeves, but as of now it just seens like a waste.

Good: Lorde into The Who

I was hoping to be able to see both sets but I assumed they would be facing off to close out the night. However, Outside Lands was kind and had Lorde lead into The Who, which is a weird combo but one I am looking forward to. 

Bad: Sunday Decisions

That said, Sunday night provides a difficult choice: The Who, Solange and Above & Beyond all play to close out Sunday night. Originally Solange was going to play Saturday so this would of been a little easier, but alas she has been moved to Sunday. Tough call but after seeing Above & Beyond at EDC it's tough to not watch the first half The Who and go watch them. Tough decision though.

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