Firefly 2018: Dates, Presale, Tickets, Lineup & More

June 18, 2017, 12:21 p.m.
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Sadly Firefly 2017 has come and gone, and now it's time to turn our attention to Firefly 2018. While it may seem like it is far off, and sadly it is, it is always best to begin planning early! This article will go over everything you need to know for Firefly 2018: when the presale will happen, when you can expect the lineup, when tickets go on sale, and more. Let's make sure you make it to Firefly 2018 and are well prepared.

What are the dates for Firefly 2018?

Firefly has confirmed that Firely 2018 will take place June 14-17, 2018. As usual it is the third weekend of June and will continue to be a four day festival running from Thursday to Sunday.

When is the Firely 2018 Early Bird ticket sale?

Firefly has officially announced their 2018 presale. Firefly presale for 2018 occurs on August 24th, 2018 at 10 am EST. Passes will be $199 for the 4-day event, which is a pretty incredible deal. If you know for sure you are going to Firefly 2018 then this is the time to snag passes. Note that passes for the Firefly presale are limited and will sell out. If you are debating buying tickets I highly suggest you figure out ASAP if you will be purchasing them as they will sell out that day.


When does the Firefly 2018 Lineup come out?



Firefly 2014


Firefly 2015


Firefly 2016


Firefly 2017


The table above shows when Firefly has released their lineup over the past four years. I will say more than any other music fesitval Firefly keeps you on your toes as it really varies when it releases its lineup. For Firefly 2017 the lineup came out in late January; I'd expect that trend to continue for Firefly 2018 but only time will tell. 

When do Firefly tickets go on sale after the early bird sales?

Firefly passes will go on sale again with the announcement of the 2018 lineup. As I mentioned this date varies a lot, but last year it was January 27th. Note that passes will again increase in price at this time: last year when Firefly released tickets in January they were priced at $309 (not including fees). Firefly rarely, if ever, sells out so you don't need to purchase early to avoid a sell out, but the price does continue to increase so you can save yourself some money if you purchase early.

Let's Talk Firefly Accommodations

Nearly everyone at Firefly camps at the festival. You can stay in Dover, DE or other nearby areas and travel into Firefly daily if you want, but the majority of people just camp on site. You can check out this article for our full camping guide if you want more information on camping at Firefly. Note that there are very limited hotels in the area so if you do want to go this route you need to book early!

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