Firefly Announces A New Roaming Stage for 2017!

May 11, 2017, 2:26 p.m.
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Firefly 2017 is almost here as we are just over a month away. Announcements from Firefly are slowly trickling out and today they announced a new roaming stage (see the official Firefly Instagram announcement below). Essentially it sounds like Firefly will feature a new moving truck stage that will roam all over the Firefly grounds. How cool is that? You can be getting ready in the campgrounds and in comes a moving stage! I haven't seen anything like this at any other music festival so it's pretty innovative by Firefly to come up with this. It will be interesting to see if they release some sort of specific lineup for this when Firefly releases their set times soon. We shall see soon as Firefly typically releases them at the end of May or early June. For Firefly 2016 we got set times on June 1, so in about 3 weeks from now. Stay tuned for more updates on Firefly set times and general festival news!

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