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Article Summary

  • There are three different passes available at Firefly: GA, VIP and Super VIP
  • The biggest perk of the VIP pass is the private viewing areas at each stage
  • The Super VIP passes offer a ton of perks, but also have a huge price tag at $2,499
  • I personally do not think either of Firefly VIP passes are worth it; they do offer a lot of perks but for me personally it's a pass

One of the most common questions with Firefly, and really any music festival, is if the VIP pass options are worth it. Firefly offers two different levels of VIP: VIP and Super VIP. Obviously with each pass you get more perks, but you also have a steep increase in the price. This article will first go over what you get with each level of Firefly pass, and then go through the benefits to determine if they are worth it. One important point I like to make early in these articles is that Firefly is a blast and you don’t need to VIP to have fun. That said, some people will have a better time with the perks of VIP, so if you can afford it then why not? Anyways, let’s begin with what each level of Firefly pass offers you.

Firefly Pass Options

As I mentioned there are three different levels of Firefly passes: GA, VIP and Super VIP. Note that you can get Firefly GA passes cheaper than the $309 price tag I list below, I just decided to use the final price ($309) and not the presale price ($249) for this article as most people don’t purchase during the presale.

Firefly GA - $309

  • 4 Day Festival Access
  • See over 100 artists perform
  • Access to all Firefly attractions
  • Access to cash bars
  • Access to Firefly-exclusive food trucks

Firefly VIP - $699

  • VIP viewing at all stages
  • Private restrooms
  • Exclusive dining options available for purchase
  • Access to VIP hospitality tent at The Lawn
  • Access to private cash bars
  • Access to all areas available to general admission

Firefly Super VIP - $2,499

  • Access to artist lounges (located in The Loft VIP area and The Dwelling VIP area)
  • Private open bar
  • Two (2) meal vouchers per day, redeemable in festival and at exclusive dining options within VIP areas
  • Premium Firefly Main Stage viewing*
  • Golf Cart Concierge Service**
  • Premier parking
  • Access to all areas available to GA and VIP guests

Note that the VIP passes are $390 more than the general admission passes and the Super VIP are a whopping $2,190 more than general admission. So for either of these passes to be worth it they need to make up this much in value. Let’s begin with VIP and go through each of the perks.

Firefly VIP Perks

I generally like to go through these perks one by one and determine how useful they actually are to enhancing your Firefly experience. Obviously these are just my opinions but hopefully they help you decide on if the pass is right for you.

View of Firefly VIP

VIP viewing at all stages
This is undoubtedly the biggest perk of the Firefly VIP pass. The VIP viewing areas are great for a few reasons:

  • It separates you from the general admission crowd, which gives you a lot more room and comfort. The GA crowd also tends to be younger and more rambunctious so it you want a little less rowdy of a crowd this is great for you.
  • It makes it so you don’t need to camp out all day to secure a good spot for a show. In the GA area if you want a good spot for the headliner you need to show up to the Firefly stage at least a show in advance, if not more. Generally with the VIP viewing areas you can show up 10 minutes before a show and still have a pretty decent spot. With a little planning it’s easy to secure a front spot in the VIP viewing area for any show. This is especially nice as in the GA area you often need to camp out and not leave your spot for hours, not even for a bathroom break. This is a nonissue in VIP
  • The fact that Firefly has a VIP viewing area at each stage is pretty amazing – I haven’t seen this at any other music festival.

One important caveat is that most of the viewing areas are not the best view. In general they position the Firefly VIP viewing areas close to the stage, but off to the side. VIP certainly does not put you front row and centered at Firefly, which could make this perk less appealing if that’s where you really want to be. The image above is a good representation of the type of view you will get in the VIP area.

A final point is to note that the vibe is different in Firefly VIP vs. GA. The VIP area is made up of older people who are still there to have a good time, but may not be experimenting with every drug under the sun like you will see in GA. The GA area is definitely more rowdy and more of a party. Neither atmosphere is better, just know that there will be a different vibe in the GA than in the VIP so choose which is more aligned with the Firefly experience you want.

Private restrooms
I say this with nearly every music festivals VIP as they all offer this as a perk – don’t discount how nice this is, especially for the ladies. The portapottie situation at Firefly can be pretty dire by the end of the day, especially on a really hot and humid day. I am a male who is not easily grossed out and I have had some pretty rough experience than nauseated even me. The private restrooms are generally much cleaner as they are used less and they are legitimate toilets, which always helps.

Exclusive dining options available for purchase
Honestly this doesn’t do much for me. This basically means that in the VIP area there will be specific food options that are only available to you. I am at the music festival to enjoy shows, not to waste time on food. There are plenty of food options throughout the GA area at Firefly, so I don’t see this as much of a value for VIP.

 Firefly VIP Tent

Access to VIP hospitality tent at The Lawn
These are hit or miss: it is nice that they generally have alcohol (not free), nice seating, shade and air conditioning. It’s a great place to take a break and recharge. That said, I try to spend as little of my time as possible in these VIP areas as it is less time enjoying performances. It really depends how much you think you will use it: for me it’s not a huge perk, but for a lot of people it’s great to take sporadic breaks throughout the day at Firefly.

Access to private cash bars
Sometimes bars at Firefly can get pretty packed so this can be pretty nice. It’s not any cheaper or anything, but it does help you save time by not having to wait in a massive line. Generally you can just walk up to the bar and be on your way quickly if you are going to the VIP only bars.

Premier Entry into Firefly
They don’t list it but VIP also has a private line to get into Firefly. If you typically go to Firefly or music festivals later in the day this will save you 20/30 minutes as the line can get pretty backed up during rush hour.

Firefly VIP Verdict: Yay or Nay

I personally vote Nay. The VIP passes at Firefly are certainly competitive with what other music festivals offer, I just don’t use enough of the perks. The only one that is really appealing to me is the VIP viewing area located at each stage. Even those though I would sometimes skip on as I’d like to get a more centered spot. The VIP tents are nice and a great way to recharge during the day, but how much time will you really spend in there? Ultimately it just doesn’t add up to enough value for $700 for me personally.

Firefly SUper VIP Area

Firefly Super VIP

Again we will go through all the benefits of the pass one by one, and then determine if there is enough value to justify the massive $2,499 price tag of the Firefly Super VIP pass.

Access to artist lounges (located in The Loft VIP area and The Dwelling VIP area)
Let me be explicit here: this does not mean you are going to be meeting artists left and right at Firefly. IN general you will see a few artists from the lower lines, but mostly you will just see friends of the artists. The artist lounge is the cool area where friends of the artists get to hang out with plush seating and free drinks. Acts higher up on the bill at Firefly will actually have their own area so they do not go into the artist lounge. I know a lot of people are tempted by Super VIP because they think they think they are going to run into the Foo Fighters or whoever is headlining that year, but I am here to crush your dreams and inform you that it won’t be happening. It’s still a really cool area with a lot of perks (free drinks, A/C, comfortable seating, etc.) but you aren’t going to be meeting anyone huge.

Private open bar
Definitely nice and seriously cuts down on your bill for the weekend. How useful this is depends on how much you like to drink and how much alcohol you typically sneak into the festival. If you already sneak in a lot then who needs the open bar? That said, it is really nice to just go get free drinks as you please. Just be sure to not go too HAM on free drinks and end your Firefly day early.

Two (2) meal vouchers per day, redeemable in festival and at exclusive dining options within VIP areas
I feel like Firefly tries to make these sound better than they are. It’s really a couple of $10 vouchers that you can use at most of the vendors, but not all. Admittedly they don’t really pay attention to how many vouchers you have grabbed, so you could grab more, but this isn’t some fine dining meal they are serving you – it gives you ten bucks to spend at a food vendor somewhere in Firefly.

Premium Firefly Main Stage viewing*
It’s important to realize that at many of the stages Super VIP shares a VIP area with the regular Firefly VIP. The big perk with the Firefly Super VIP is the premium viewing area at the Firefly/Main Stage. You will be several feet in front of regular VIP with a buffer in between. Note that this allows you to literally show up moments before a show and have an awesome spot in the front row of the VIP area. It won’t be crowded and thus you won’t be fighting for space. If you typically spend a lot of time at the Firefly stage this is pretty awesome.

Golf Cart Concierge Service
These are pretty cool and certainly makes you feel like a Super VIP at Firefly. The big reason these are nice is if you need to bounce around stages it saves you a ton of time. Generally you can get across the entire festival grounds in about 5 minutes. Typically at Firefly walking between stages can take a deceptively long time – what seems like will take 5 minutes really takes 15, causing you to miss the end of a set. If you like to bounce around stages then the golf carts are really clutch and a huge appeal for the Super VIP pass.

Premier parking
This is pretty nice as it gives you a good campsite location for Firefly. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I highly suggest you get to Firefly as early as possible to make sure you get the best possible campsite. Premier/Wednesday parking allows you to begin showing up at noon on Wednesday. This is something you were going to have to purchase regardless of if you went Super VIP or GA, so it definitely cuts down on your total weekend expenses. The premier parking for Firefly was $249 so this should absolutely be factored in.

Premier Entry into Firefly
Again they don’t list it but Super VIP has the same access as regular VIP to a private line for entry into Firefly. This saves you time entering the festival as the GA line can get pretty backed up.

Firefly Super VIP – Yay or Nay

Nay again. I just can’t justify $2,499 on a music festival pass. For that price I could go to Bonnaroo, Firefly, Coachella, Lollapalooza, ACL and more doing GA passes and still have plenty of money leftover. This is personal preference obviously, but I just can’t justify the Super VIP passes. They do offer some awesome perks, and if you have the money then go for it. When I compare the Super VIP at Firefly to some of the other premium VIP passes at other festivals it’s definitely an awesome offering, it’s just not for me.


As I’ve said I personally don’t think either of the Firefly VIP passes are for me; I just don’t see enough value to justify the extra expense. That said, a lot of people do opt for the Firefly VIP passes each year. This is just my opinion and effort to shine light on what you can expect if you go VIP to Firefly. Hopefully it has helped you in making a decision for yourself.

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