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Article Summary

  • A full list of items you can and cannot bring into Firefly
  • In general you can bring whatever you want into the campgrounds except obviously prohibited items like weapons, glass and kegs. There is NO alcohol limit in the Firefly campgrounds.
  • Most of the prohibited items only apply to bringing them into the festival. Notable items you cannot bring into Firefly include food, outside beverage (besides a 1-L sealed bottle) and alcohol

Before you head off to Firefly be sure to know what you can and cannot bring to the festival. This article will go over everything you can and cannot bring into Firefly, as well as address some common questions people have on what they can bring in. Let’s begin with what you MUST bring to Firefly in order to enter. Note that these items in our required, allowed and prohibited lists come straight from Firefly as of 2017. We will do our best to keep this updated but you should always check Firefly’s Official Website to double check.

Required Items for Firefly

  • 2017 Firefly Festival Wristband
  • 2017 Camping pass (if applicable)
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Government issued photo I.D.

Most of the required items are pretty obvious and shouldn’t be too surprising that you need to bring them. Be sure to double and triple check that you have packed your camping pass and festival wristband – you certainly don’t want to get to Firefly and realize you left either at home.

Prohibited Items at Firefly

  • NO outside food or beverage items
  • NO alcohol or flasks
  • NO bags LARGER than a standard backpack- 12x12in.
  • NO ice or ice packs
  • NO coolers
  • NO glass containers
  • NO illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • NO totems, rage sticks or flags over 12 ft tall are permitted. Any of these items that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate, or are being used for purposes other than intended, may be confiscated on site.
  • NO illegal or unauthorized vending
  • NO knives or weapons of any kind
  • NO slingshots
  • NO animals or pets
  • NO flammable lanterns or fire of any kind
  • NO fireworks or any types of explosives
  • NO skateboards, scooters, or personalized motor vehicles
  • NO bicycles inside the festival
  • NO umbrellas of any size
  • NO tents or canopies
  • NO chairs or stools of any type
  • NO wagons or carts of any type
  • NO sports balls
  • NO eye drops
  • NO outside cans or cups
  • NO professional cameras (indicated by a detachable lens)
  • NO professional video or audio recording devices
  • NO lasers or pointers
  • NO chains, chain wallets, or spike jewelry
  • NO instruments, megaphones, horns, or noise makers
  • NO soliciting
  • NO metal aerosol containers including sunscreen, pepper spray, bug repellent, or spray paint
  • NO drones or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicle)

Allowed Items at Firefly

  • YES cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • YES GoPros
  • YES bags that are a standard size backpack or smaller - 12x12in.
  • YES unlimited ins & outs (for 4 day pass holders and single day pass holders)
  • YES digital and point & shoot cameras
  • YES cell phones
  • YES cell phone charger
  • YES sunscreen LOTION
  • YES empty refillable, plastic or aluminum bottles & CamelBacks
  • YES small blankets
  • YES non-aerosol bug spray
  • YES strollers
  • YES hula hoops
  • YES selfie sticks
  • YES one factory sealed water bottle allowed per entrance (no larger than 1L)

Notes on What You Can/Cannot Bring to Firefly & Common Questions

Now I want to address some common points of confusion and sources of questions for what you can and cannot bring into Firefly. In general you can bring whatever you want into the campgrounds, most of the prohibited items above are for the festival itself. The only two things they are strict on with the campgrounds is no kegs and no glass. In the points below unless I specify you cannot bring it into the campgrounds you can assume I am talking about bringing it into the festival.

Food/Snacks – Negative. Unfortunately Firefly does not allow you to bring any food inside the festival. You can obviously bring food into your campsite but bringing it within the festival grounds is strictly prohibited. You will either need to leave Firefly and return to your campsite to eat or just purchase food inside the festival.

Drinks – Beginning in 2016 Firefly started allowing you to bring in one sealed water bottle up to 1L in volume. No you cannot fill this with Vodka and bring that in – you can try but you run the risk on security spotting that the seal has been broken. Hydration is really important at Firefly, especially when it’s really hot, so we highly recommend taking advantage of this. Even better is bringing a Camelbak, which will let you carry a lot more water with you. Just note your Camelbak needs to be empty when you enter Firefly or they will make you dump it out.

Alcohol Limits – Obviously you cannot bring alcohol into the festival grounds. A common question is how much alcohol can you bring into the campgrounds. Some festivals, such as Bonnaroo, limit how much alcohol you can bring with you. Firefly, however, does not. You can even bring unsealed containers of liquor, they are very liberal with what you bring. You are welcome to bring as much alcohol to Firefly as you want just remember you cannot bring any kegs or glass. If you get caught with either of those it will be confiscated. Also just be sure everyone in your campsite is of legal age to drink, or if they aren’t don’t be openly drinking in the campsite – that’s the only other no-no when it comes to alcohol at Firefly.

Totems – You can bring totems to Firefly, just make sure they conform to the rules listed above – they must be under 12 feet tall and basically cannot be used as a weapon. Use something like weight like foam or plastic to make your totem. They usually aren’t super strict with this, just don’t give Firefly a reason to take it away and they won’t.


Firefly makes it a bit confusing by not creating a separate list for what you can bring to the campgrounds and what you can bring to the festival. In general just don’t bring obvious no-no’s (weapons, fireworks, etc.), glass or kegs to the campgrounds and you are fine – there aren’t many rules for the campgrounds. Most of the prohibited items above only apply for bringing them into the festival itself. If you still have questions on what you can or cannot bring to Firefly feel free to let me know at


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