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  • I try to provide an answers to all the basic questions you could have for Firefly
  • Firefly is a music festival taking place every June in Dover, DE. The music type is pretty eclectic and tickets can be had for as low as $249
  • Camping is the most popular option for Firefly, but you can stay in nearby Dover or elsewhere
  • Tickets rarely sell out for Firefly as it has a huge capacity
  • You can save money by purchasing passes early as they increase in price throughout the year

New to Firefly? Got some basic questions? You have come to the right place. This is our general FAQ page where we go over all of the common questions for Firefly. I will touch on a little of everything in this article – schedule, tickets, weather, camping, etc. For more specific and detailed guides I recommend our Firefly Articles & Guides page, which is a great resource for specific Firefly information. For now, keep reading for answers to all your general Firefly questions.

General Firefly Questions

When is Firefly?

Firefly is typically held the third weekend of June. For example, Firefly 2017 took place June 15th to 18th. The festival now is always held from Thursday to Sunday.

What type of music does Firefly have?

Firefly is one of the more eclectic music festivals covering all genres. It has plenty of music from all genres and tastes, so it is a good festival for anyone to attend. Firefly 2017’s headliners are a good representation of this: The Weeknd, Muse, Twentyone Pilots, Chance the Rapper and Bob Dylan. You get some rock, some hip hop, some R&B, and a legendary legacy act. The entire Firefly lineup follows through with this diversity.

Where does Firefly take place?

Firefly takes place in The Woodlands of Dove, DE. This is an area right by the famous Dover International Speedway. It is located just a few miles away from downtown Dover.

What’s the weather like at Firefly?

The weather in Dover during Firefly is generally pretty warm with highs in the mid-80s. I suggest dressing for summertime, as it’s not uncommon for it to get into the 90s. For night time you may want a hoodie or a jacket as it can get down into the lower-60s but often it will be in the mid-60s. Also be sure to pack for in case it rains; I’ve always had good luck with weather at Firefly but it certainly can rain so best to prepare for it.

How many stages are at Firefly?

There are a total of eight stages: the Porch Stage, the Lawn Stage, the Backyard Stage, the Treehouse, the Coffee House, the Pavilion, and the Firefly Stage (biggest stage). You may of noticed that’s only seven. For Firefly 2017 they introduced a new moving truck-stage thingamabobber. It’s like a food truck but with music! Here’s a sample daily lineup at each stage from 2014:

  • "Firefly Main Stage:" Twenty One Pilots, Third Eye Blind, Grouplove, Imagine Dragons, Outkast
  • "The Backyard:" Bad Things, Smallpools, MS MR, Cage the Elephant, Tegan and Sara, Pretty Lights
  • "The Lawn:" The Ceremonies, Geographer, Lucius, Kaiser Chiefs, Tune-Yards, Beck
  • "The Porch:" Unlikely Candidates, Royal Teeth, Goldroom, Walk Off the Earth, Sleigh Bells, The White Panda
  • "The Forest:" The Weeks, The Wild Feathers, Wild Child, Boy & Bear, Johnnyswim, X Ambassadors
  • "The Coffee House:" Wheeland Brothers, Speak, The Colourist, The Wild Feathers, Smallpools, Grouplove
  • "The Big Break:" New Sweden, Holychild, Kite String Tangle, Sleeper Agent, Stop Light Observations

How long does each artist play for at Firefly?

It varies a little bit depending on the size of the artists. Generally the shorter sets are 45 minutes, bands with more notieriety can get up to an hour and fifteen minutes (typically an hour though) and the Firefly headliners get an hour and a half to close out the Firefly stage.

Firefly Tickets

Firefly Tickets Questions

How much are Firefly tickets?

This depends on when you purchase your passes. Firefly, like many music festivals, increases their prices throughout the year. Passes for 2017 began at $249 during the presale and eventually rose to $309 as the final price. This does not include the dreaded fees, which were $29.99 for Firefly GA passes.

Does Firefly offer VIP passes? What types of passes are available?

Firefly offers three different levels of passes: general admission, VIP and Super VIP. Obviously with each increase in ticket level you get more perks, but it also costs you more money. Below you can see what’s included with each pass, as well as how much the pass cost (final price).

Firefly General Admission - $309 + fees

  • 4 Day Festival Access
  • See over 100 artists perform
  • Access to all Firefly attractions
  • Access to cash bars
  • Access to Firefly-exclusive food trucks

Firefly VIP - $699 + fees

  • VIP viewing at all stages
  • Private restrooms
  • Exclusive dining options available for purchase
  • Access to VIP hospitality tent at The Lawn
  • Access to private cash bars
  • Access to all areas available to general admission

Firefly Super VIP - $2,499 + fees

  • Access to artist lounges (located in The Loft VIP area and The Dwelling VIP area)
  • Private open bar
  • Two (2) meal vouchers per day, redeemable in festival and at exclusive dining options within VIP areas
  • Premium Firefly Main Stage viewing*
  • Golf Cart Concierge Service**
  • Premier parking
  • Access to all areas available to GA and VIP guests


Firefly for 2017 followed a new schedule, with three different times of passes going on sale. First is the presale which will occur immediately after Firefly for that year has concluded. Next, there is a Holiday Presale which occurs just before Christmas. Finally the remainder of the tickets go on sale with the release of the Firefly lineup. For Firefly 2017 the lineup was released on January 27th, 2017. Passes when on sale the same day.


Again, we have a full article on utilizing the Firefly payment plan which you can see here. The short version is yes, they do and it is a nice option to split up the total cost of your Firefly pass. If you purchase your Firefly passes during the presale it will split up the cost of your pass into seven payments, making it quite manageable. You can utilize the payment plan all the way to late March, but at this point it only splits the pass into a couple of payments.


Four days of Firefly can be a little much for some of us, so it is nice that the festival does indeed offer single day passes. The single day passes will go on sale along with the daily schedule release. That is, when Firefly first releases their lineup it is just a large list of the artists. At a later point they announce who will play each day of Firefly. Along with this later announcement is the release of single day passes. This occurred on March 14th for Firefly 2017. Single day passes were priced at $89 plus fees. The fees for single day passes were an absurd $24.99, making the pass $114.99 total.


Rarely. The early presale in June will sell out, and potentially quite quickly. However, the festival itself rarely sells out. It is advantageous to purchase your passes early as you will save money, but this isn’t Coachella that will sell out in a matter of hours. Passes are typically available up until when Firefly takes place in June.

Firefly Camping, Traveling and Accommodations

Note that in general I am not going to dive too deeply into camping in this article. I spent a lot of time writing a massive guide to Firefly camping that you can read here. It’s literally 10+ pages worth of information on Firefly camping and should answer all of your questions on camping.

Where should I stay for Firefly?

You don’t have to, but most people camp for Firefly. There are a variety of camping options ranging from basic tent camping to ‘Glamping’ which will provide you air-conditioning and modern luxuries. There is also RV camping if you would like to go that route. The prices vary, increasing as you get a bigger area and more amenities. Below you can find a list of all of the camping options at Firefly:

  • Single Day Tent Camping: $89
  • Wednesday – Monday Tent Camping: $249
  • Thursday – Monday Camping: $199
  • Carefree Camping (Includes tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses and more): $499
  • Group Camping: $1,099
  • RV Parking Thursday – Monday: $329
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday: $499
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday w/ 30 AMP: $899
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday w/ 30 AMP: $999
  • Infield RV: $999
  • Basic Glamping (2 Person): $899
  • Basic Glamping (4 Person): $999
  • Infield Glamping (2 Person): $1,099
  • Infield Glamping (4 Person): $1,299
  • Premium Glamping: $1,499
  • Lodge Glamping: $1,699

What if I don’t want to camp?

You definitely don’t have to camp and there are plenty of people who don’t. The closest city to Firefly is Dover, DE. There are limited hotels in Dover, and they will fill up quickly, but it is an option. You can also go with an Airbnb in the area as well. Just note that Firefly is perhaps the busiest weekend of the year in Dover, so be prepared to book early and to pay a premium for accommodations. If you stay in Dover you will only be a few miles away from Firefly, so it is pretty easy to get to and from the festival. The nice part about everyone camping at Firefly is that there will be limited traffic going to the festival as the majority of people will already be there. There is also free parking at Firefly if you wish to drive yourself every day. Just note this is not overnight parking so you need to move your car by the end of the night.

When should I arrive to Firefly?

In general the earlier the better. The time you can arrive at Firefly depends on the type of pass you purchased. Premier/Wednesday camping allows you to show up on Wednesday and secure a excellent location for your campsite. You can begin showing up at noon on the Wednesday before Firefly, so I would suggest getting there as close to noon as possible. If you purchased Thursday parking you can begin showing up 12:01 a.m., and I assure you there will be plenty of people there just after midnight. It may sound trivial but the difference between a good campsite location and a bad one can make a big difference. It’s all about proximity to the Firefly entrance; the bad campsites can be a 20+ minute walk to the entry gates.

What airport should I fly into for Firefly?

The closest airports for Firefly are small, local airports that will have absurd flight costs. Your best bet is to fly into either Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C. , renting a car and driving to Firefly. I have written a full article on flying to Firefly with tips and advice that you should give a read if you need to fly to Firefly.


Still have a question about Firefly? Then I haven’t done my job! Email me at with your Firefly question and I will be sure to answer your question and add it to our guide to improve it for future users.

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