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Article Summary

  • The best airports for Firefly are in Baltimore and Philadelphia; both are roughly an hour away from Firefly
  • I suggest Southwest as you get two free checked items, which really helps with bringing camping gear with you
  • Carefree Camping is a nice option that really cuts down on what you need to bring with you
  • There are nearby stores in Dover where you should stock up on supplies before entering Firefly

Firefly is one of the biggest music festivals in the country. This means people come in from all over the country, and the world, to attend Firefly. This article is for all those planning to fly in. We will go over logistics, what you need to bring, how long you can expect it to take you to get into the campgrounds and more. Just because you live far away doesn’t mean you can’t attend Firefly and have a blast.

What is the closest Airport to Firefly?

Technically the closest airports to Firefly are small airports in Salisbury, Maryland and Wilmington, DE. That said, most of these options are going to be more expensive as they have very limited flights. Generally the best route to go with if you are flying into Firefly is to fly into either Baltimore, MD or Philadelphia, PA. Both airports are roughly an hour away with no traffic and are fairly large airports where you should be able to find a good deal. I honestly don’t think it matters which of these two airports you choose, I would just go with whatever one is cheapest. So the logistics would be to book a flight for Philly or Baltimore on the Wednesday or Thursday before Firefly (depending on how early you wish to attend), rent a car at either of those airports, and drive to Firefly. As I mentioned the drive will be roughly an hour with no traffic from either of those airports.

What if I can’t rent a car?

You can still get to Firefly, but it will be more difficult. Your best bet is to probably fly into Philadelphia because they have decent public transportation routes to get to Firefly. Here’s how it would work:

  • Fly into Philadelphia
  • Take the airport line (schedule here) to the 30th Street Station
  • Take the SEPTA regional train from Philadelphia to Wilmington, DE (click here for the train line you need).
  • From Wilmington you can take the Amtrak train to Dover, DE.

The Amtrak will drop you off in Dover, DE very near Firefly. From there you can Uber or take a taxi to Firefly. This is quite a journey but if you cannot rent a car it is your best option if you are traveling from far away for Firefly.

Firefly Camping

Camping Options

Obviously the big thing with flying into Firefly is your camping supplies. The advantage of driving to Firefly is that you can easily pack everything you will need for the weekend. If you fly you are going to need to do some extra work and planning. Don’t worry though, it can be done! Here is my advice for camping if you are flying into Firefly:

Carefree Camping Firefly

Consider Carefree Camping
The things that really take up space and are heavy are your tenting and your air mattresses. Firefly offers a camping package known as Carefree Camping that comes with the following:

  • Camping Thursday-Monday
  • Minimum 10’ X 15’ campsite
  • Preferred check-in location
  • Overnight parking for up to one vehicle with in and out privileges
  • Souvenir Firefly branded camping equipment including:
  • Custom 2017 Firefly Tent (110 x 110 x 95 in) for up to four (4) people
  • Four (4) sleeping bags
  • Two (2) double air mattresses
  • Solar light
  • Lock

This takes a lot of the hassle and worrying out of camping at Firefly if you are flying in. The package is more expensive than regular camping as it is $499 vs. $199, but it does make your life a lot easier. One more advantage is the priority check-in for carefree camping. This is located at the Dover Casino, and will drastically cut down your waiting time to enter the festival from if you were doing general camping. Be sure to go to your priority check-in area and not the general one if you purchase Carefree Camping. In summary, Carefree Camping is a more expensive option but if you can afford it it’s a great option.

Fly Southwest
The key is you will get the two free bags, so I highly recommend taking Southwest to Firefly. You may find a cheaper rate on another airline, but be sure to take into account you will need to pay for two bags worth of supplies. Generally when this is taken into account Southwest is your best option for Firefly typically. Southwest flies into both Baltimore and Philadelphia so you can use it for either airport.

Nearby Stores for Supplies
If you are coming in from out of town you will need to stock up on some camping supplies, food and more before heading to Firefly. Note that once you enter the campgrounds you cannot exit. Thus it is important to get everything you need before entering Firefly. The cheapest option is the Walmart just north of Firefly – it’s only about 4 miles from the festival grounds so it’s a great place to stock up before going into the camping line. There’s also a Dick’s Sporting Goods basically across the street from the festival where you can get any camping gear you will need.

Packing Tips
If you do want to bring as much as possible with you to Firefly you just need to pack smart. I suggest checking a cooler and your tent/sleeping bag. Inside your cooler you should pack everything you possible can. I also suggest going with an air pad over a blow up mattress as it is lighter and can likely be rolled to fit into your cooler. So checked bag/item #1 can be the cooler full of stuff and checked item #2 can be your tent and sleeping bag. This leaves you with needing to pack all of your clothes into your carry-on, which should be doable. Generally you will just be packing t-shirts and lighter clothes for Firefly, so this should fit into a carry on no problem. It’s challenging, but you can still pack the majority of what you need for Firefly if you are flying in. The remaining items you needI recommend just snagging at Walmart on the cheap.

Buy as much as possible beforehand
The Hub inside Firefly will have everything you need, but the prices will also be marked up. So unless you like getting price gouging ($5 for a roll of toilet paper) be sure to stop at a grocery store or Walmart before going in.

Avoiding Traffic Into Firefly

Firefly traffic is notoriously bad entering the festival. If you go with carefree camping you get the special check-in area at the Dover Casino, which is terrific. If you do general camping expect serious traffic. My biggest advice is to show up early. Firefly has increased the intensity of their security check-ins in recent years, so this slows things up. The earlier in the day you get there, the better. If you show up in the early afternoon expect to wait hours to get into Firefly.


Don’t let distance deter you from attending Firefly. Is it more complicated than if you could drive? Yes, but it can be done. The key is to just plan ahead and pack very carefully. Make the most of your carry-on and check-in luggage space and buy as little as possible in Dover. Plenty of people do it, hopefully this article has prepared you for it next year at Firefly. Still have questions? Feel free to let me know – I will answer your question and add it to our guide to make this a better resource in the future. 

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