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  • Firefly passes first go on sale in June for a price of $249. Throughout the year they will increase in price eventually ending at $309 (for 2017 prices)
  • Firefly doesn’t typically sell out, so you can wait on passes, but you will save money if you purchase early
  • There are also VIP and Super VIP passes available
  • Don’t forget your camping pass if you intend to stay in the Woodlands! There is everything from basic tent camping all the way up to air conditioned tents with special lounges.

Interesting in Firefly passes? This articles goes over everything you need to know from what passes are offered to when they go on sale. Firefly is one of the biggest festivals in the country, let’s make sure you are prepared with everything you need to know about passes.

What passes does Firefly offer?

As is pretty standard with music festivals these days, Firefly offers general admission, VIP and Super VIP passes. Each of these passes comes with varying access to different parts of Firefly.

When do Firefly passes go on sale?

Firefly for 2017 followed a new schedule, with three different times of passes going on sale. First is the presale which will occur immediately after Firefly for that year has concluded. Next, there is a Holiday Presale which occurs just before Christmas. Finally the remainder of the tickets go on sale with the release of the Firefly lineup. For Firefly 2017 the lineup was released on January 27th, 2017. Passes when on sale the same day.

What Each Firefly Pass Offers

Firefly General Admission

  • 4 Day Festival Access
  • See over 100 artists perform
  • Access to all Firefly attractions
  • Access to cash bars
  • Access to Firefly-exclusive food trucks

Firefly VIP

  • VIP viewing at all stages
  • Private restrooms
  • Exclusive dining options available for purchase
  • Access to VIP hospitality tent at The Lawn
  • Access to private cash bars
  • Access to all areas available to general admission

Firefly Super VIP

  • Access to artist lounges (located in The Loft VIP area and The Dwelling VIP area)
  • Private open bar
  • Two (2) meal vouchers per day, redeemable in festival and at exclusive dining options within VIP areas
  • Premium Firefly Main Stage viewing*
  • Golf Cart Concierge Service**
  • Premier parking
  • Access to all areas available to GA and VIP guests

*Pending artist restrictions

**Service runs during festival hours stopping at all stage locations. Service to premier parking runs during festival hours up until 11pm.

How much do Firefly passes cost?

A simple question with a not so simple answer. The cost of Firefly passes depends on when you purchase them. Firefly puts passes on sale at various times throughout the year, and the earlier you purchase passes the more you will save. This varies a bit from year to year but here was the Firefly 2017 schedule for prices for general admission passes:

  • $249 during the presale that is held in June immediately after Firefly for that year
  • $289 when passes officially went on sale for the Holiday presale (12/21) and after the lineup was released
  • $309 from March 14th on

So for Firefly 2017 passes varied from $249 to $309 depending on when you purchased passes. Note that this also does not include the fees for Firefly which were $29.99 for 2017.

Does Firefly offer a presale?

Yes, as I mentioned above the cheapest time to buy Firefly passes is during the presale that occurs right after Firefly. For example, for Firefly 2017 the presale was held on June 22nd and Firefly 2016 had ended on June 19th – not much time to recover financially! If you want all the details on the Firefly presale we have a full article on it here.

Does Firefly offer a payment plan for passes?

Again, we have a full article on utilizing the Firefly payment plan which you can see here. The short version is yes, they do and it is a nice option to split up the total cost of your Firefly pass. If you purchase your Firefly passes during the presale it will split up the cost of your pass into seven payments, making it quite manageable. You can utilize the payment plan all the way to late March, but at this point it only splits the pass into a couple of payments.

Where can I purchase Firefly passes?

You can purchase Firefly passes directly through the festival at Firefly’s Official Ticket Page. I would also say you should at least check SeatGeek and StubHub for Firefly passes before you go through the official site. Often people end up not being able to go to Firefly and need to sell their passes. If you wait until the last minute you can sometimes snag a Firefly pass on the cheap. Check out our Firefly Tickets Page for more info.

Does Firefly offer single day passes?

Four days of Firefly can be a little much for some of us, so it is nice that the festival does indeed offer single day passes. The single day passes will go on sale along with the daily schedule release. That is, when Firefly first releases their lineup it is just a large list of the artists. At a later point they announce who will play each day of Firefly. Along with this later announcement is the release of single day passes. This occurred on March 14th for Firefly 2017. Single day passes were priced at $89 plus fees. The fees for single day passes were an absurd $24.99, making the pass $114.99 total.

Does Firefly sell out?

Rarely. The early presale in June will sell out, and potentially quite quickly. However, the festival itself rarely sells out. It is advantageous to purchase your passes early as you will save money, but this isn’t Coachella that will sell out in a matter of hours. Passes are typically available up until when Firefly takes place in June.

What about parking / camping passes?

If you are looking to camp at Firefly, which many people do, you can also purchase your camping pass directly through the festival. There are a variety of camping passes available to meet whatever option you want – there is everything from basica tent camping to group camping if you have a large group (accommodates up to 25 people). Here are all of the options for camping passes available for purchase at Firefly:

  • Single Day Tent Camping: $89
  • Wednesday – Monday Tent Camping: $249
  • Thursday – Monday Camping: $199
  • Carefree Camping (Includes tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses and more): $499
  • Group Camping: $1,099
  • RV Parking Thursday – Monday: $329
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday: $499
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday w/ 30 AMP: $899
  • RV Parking Wednesday – Monday w/ 30 AMP: $999
  • Infield RV: $999
  • Basic Glamping (2 Person): $899
  • Basic Glamping (4 Person): $999
  • Infield Glamping (2 Person): $1,099
  • Infield Glamping (4 Person): $1,299
  • Premium Glamping: $1,499
  • Lodge Glamping: $1,699 

As you can see there are a ton of different camping options at Firefly. Most of these boil down to if you want to bring your own supplies and how much of a camping experience you want. They have everything from the basic tent camping to the glamping which includes air-conditioned tents, cots, special lounges and more. If you are flying from out of town to Firefly these could be a nice option as it’s difficult to travel with supplies. Regardless of what type of camping experience you want at Firefly you should be able to find something for you. 

As for parking passes this depends if you are camping or not. If you are NOT camping and just driving to Firefly daily you can park for free. Note you cannot park overnight, but you can drive there for the festival and leave at night without paying any parking fees. If you are camping and parking overnight at Firefly you need to purchase an overnight camping pass. For Firefly 2017 these cost $40.

When will Firefly passes ship?

Firefly, like most music festivals, begins shipping passes about a month before the festival takes place. Officially they state Firefly wristbands begin shipping 3-5 weeks prior to Firefly. Given that the festival takes place in mid-June you can begin looking for your shipping confirmation in late May. You will receive an email with the tracking info when your pass ships. Don’t panic if you don’t get a shipping confirmation until June – Firefly has tens of thousands of passes to ship so this process can take some time.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, it is important to make sure your shipping address is updated before the passes ship unless you want to purchase a stranger a pass. You can go to Firefly’s ticket page, log in, go to your account info and update your shipping address. I highly advise doing this before May to ensure you will have no problem receiving your pass.

Are Firefly wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.


My biggest advice with Firefly passes is to decide early if you want to go. If you decide to go early the pass will be cheaper and you can fully utilize the payment plan to split up your fees into seven payments. The festival doesn’t sell out so you can wait on it, but you may as well save some money if you can! Still have a question on Firefly passes? That means someone else probably does too and I haven’t done my job. Feel free to ask me at and I will get back to your ASAP.

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