How To Get To Bonnaroo

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Where is Bonnaroo?

How do people get to Bonnaroo?

Drive yourself or Shuttle

Does Bonnaroo offer transportation?

Bonnaroo offers a shuttle from Nashville or there is bus service from Murfreesboro if you purchase a hotel package.

Our recommendation for getting to Bonnaroo

This is written from the perspective that you aren't going to be camping on site. If you are camping you can simply walk to the festival. Firefly has no bike parking onsite, so biking is surprisingly and unfortunately not an option at Firefly. In rare circumstances you may be close enough to walk, which is a great option. More than likely you will need to get to Firefly by car. You can Uber to Firefly, and honestly it isn't as bad as other festivals simply because there is not the huge rush to leave at the end of the night because everyone is camping. That said, it will still be cheaper to drive yourself as there is ample parking and it is free to park onsite. I generally go with Uber as we don't have a designated driver, but if you do than driving is a piece of cake as there is very little traffic given everyone is camping.

Detailed Guides On Bonnaroo Transportation

Bonnaroo From Nashville: Using the Shuttle & Pros/Cons

  • Bonnaroo offers a shuttle service that runs from the Nashville Fairgrounds to Bonnaroo
  • You can snag the shuttle pass on its own, with a 1-Day GA/VIP or a 4-Day GA/VIP pass
  • The shuttle ride will be a little over an hour each way, so be prepared for a long ride
  • It’s a great option if you will be in Nashville and want to check out Bonnaroo for a day or two; it’s the only way to get a single day pass to Bonnaroo

How much does it cost to get to Bonnaroo?

If you go with the Nashville Shuttle it will be $200+ per person.

Is there parking onsite??

Yes, Bonnaroo offers parking on site but you will need to snag an additional parking pass with your ticket.