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Article Summary

  • SeatGeek and StubHub offer a nice option to snag a last minute Bonnaroo pass on the cheap
  • Prices tend to drop as Bonnaroo approaches
  • If you can do a last minute trip and drive to Bonnaroo you can usually get a pass cheaply through one of these platforms

Bonnaroo Tickets

Trying to snag a deal on a Bonnaroo pass? Surprisingly a lot of people use either StubHub or SeatGeek to do this. For most music festivals people only turn to these platforms when the festival is sold out. That is, Coachella sells out so people are forced to turn to SeatGeek as there is no other option. Bonnaroo rarely sells out – it’s a huge area as The Farm can accommodate nearly 100,000 patrons. So why do people turn to a third party market then? Deals, my friends! Let’s go over using SeatGeek or StubHub for Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo Price Tiers

It’s important to recognize that Bonnaroo uses a tiered ticket system. That is, the earlier you buy your Bonnaroo pass, the more you save. Here’s the pricing tiers Bonnaroo used for Bonnaroo 2017:

  • Bonnaroo Tier 1: $275
  • Bonnaroo Tier 2: $300
  • Bonnaroo Tier 3: $325
  • Bonnaroo Tier 4: $350

As you can see the prices rise quite a bit over time. Also note that none of the prices above include the fees which are $35.90. So if you missed out on the presale for Bonnaroo passes you could be looking at a pretty steep ticket price comparatively.

Seat Geek

Enter SeatGeek and StubHub for Bonnaroo Passes

As I mentioned other music festivals sell out and people will try to profit on this by selling tickets above face value on these platforms. However, as I mentioned Bonnaroo doesn’t sell out. Thus most of the people who are selling Bonnaroo passes are those who have bought them and can no longer attend the festival. Prices on SeatGeek and StubHub will begin at face value and as Bonnaroo approaches you can expect to see a price drop as people get desperate to sell. If you are able to wait it out you can likely snag a really good deal on Bonnaroo passes.

Let’s look at an example. Today is May 10th so we are just under a month from Bonnaroo. If you go to Bonnaroo’s official website tickets are currently $349.50 + $35.90 in fees. This brings the current (and final) price of Bonnaroo passes to a whopping $385.40. If you go SeatGeek right now the cheapest tickets are $420 (fees included), so these are obviously more expensive than Bonnaroo. However, if you go to StubHub you will find that right now the cheapest pass for Bonnaroo is $341.25 (including fees), so this is over $40 cheaper than going through Bonnaroo. Generally as Bonnaroo gets closer these prices will continue to drop as people become desperate to sell their Bonnaroo passes. It should also be noted that just because SeatGeek is more expensive now doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow – if you are serious about going to Bonnaroo you should regularly be checking both.

What about VIP passes for Bonnaroo?

The same advice for Bonnaroo GA passes above follows for VIP passes. Currently on Bonnaroo’s website VIP passes are $824 plus $53 in fees for a total cost of $877. This is pretty much the same price on StubHub as Bonnaroo VIP passes there are $880. Thus currently this isn’t any cost savings, but as we get closer to Bonnaroo prices for VIP passes will likely drop as well. The point is regardless of which pass for Bonnaroo you are looking at SeatGeek and/or StubHub can be good options.

So when should I buy my Bonnaroo passes?

This is wholly dependent on your situation. If you are capable of driving to Bonnaroo tomorrow I would wait until as late as possible. Sometimes Bonnaroo passes end up rising in price, but in general they continue to drop as the festival approaches. If you live within driving distance and can easily attend Bonnaroo I would wait as long as possible. However, if you need time to plan or book a flight I wouldn’t wait too long – you may save some money on the Bonnaroo ticket if you wait, but your flight could skyrocket.


If you are looking to get lucky with a cheap Bonnaroo pass SeatGeek and StubHub offer you a good chance at it. Generally it’s a better option if you can hold off until just before Bonnaroo as prices will drop as the festival approaches. If you need to plan for a flight this isn’t as appealing as flights into Nashville get rather expensive around Bonnaroo dates. If it works for you though I suggest you look into it.

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