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  • Bonnaroo holds their presale every Thanksgiving – either on Black Friday or Thanksgiving itself
  • Last year passes were $275, which is $25 cheaper than the next lowest tier of prices
  • Last year the presale lasted a week; this was a change from previous years where it sold out in a matter of hours
  • You can still take advantage of the payment plan during the presale

If you are dead set on going to Bonnaroo next year there is no better time to secure your Bonnaroo wristband than the presale. Every year Bonnaroo does a presale, far in advance of the festival, where you can snag Bonnaroo wristbands at their lowest prices of the year. This article goes over everything you need to know about the Bonnaroo presale so you are ready for when it comes around next year.

What are the disadvantages of the Bonnaroo Presale?

There are really only two main disadvantages to purchasing passes during Bonnaroo’s presale:

  1. There is no lineup out at this time. Bonnaroo typically releases their lineup in January, so you will need to purchase your pass and pray to the Bonnaroo Gods that you are happy with the lineup.
  2. It forces you to commit to Bonnaroo fairly early: it be hard getting your group ready or you may have things up in the air that make it hard for you to commit in November. Bonnaroo passes are nonrefundable so you will need to sell them through StubHub or some other marketplace if you end up not being able to go.

What are the main advantages of the Bonnaroo presale?

As I mentioned, this is the absolute cheapest time to secure Bonnaroo passes the entire year. If you are trying to save money and know you are going to Bonnaroo there’s really no reason to not use the presale.

When is the Bonnaroo presale?

As you likely know, Bonnaroo typically takes place in early June. The Bonnaroo presale occurs all the way back in November of the previous year. Here are the dates of the Bonnaroo presale from the past few years:

Bonnaroo Year

Date of Bonnaroo Presale







As you can probably deduce, Bonnaroo typically does their presale either on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday each year. This means the Bonnaroo presale happens 6+ in advance of Bonnaroo actually taking place.

How much are Bonnaroo passes during presale?

Snagging passes during the Bonnaroo presale is considered ‘Tier 1’ price level. Bonnaroo, like many music festivals, operates with a tiered ticket system. This means that Bonnaroo releases tickets in batches, and once a batch sells out, they move up a tier and increase the price. Recent trends in pricing are most important, so last year during the Bonnaroo presale 3-day GA passes were sold for $274.50. VIP passes were also available and were priced at $1,648. Note that neither of those prices for the Bonnaroo presale included the fees.  It is also important to note that for Bonnaroo 2017 the VIP passes did NOT increase in price after the presale. That is, there was no cost savings for purchasing VIP passes during the presale. It’s tough to say if this will be the case in future years, but in 2017 VIP passes on presale and during the general sale were $1,648.

How long does the Bonnaroo presale last for?

This varies every year. As I said there are limited tickets available during the Bonnaroo presale, so if they sell out that’s it. With that said, Bonnaroo’s presale last year lasted a week; so it ran from 11/25 to 12/2. At this point passes increased in price from $275 (Bonnaroo Tier 1) to $300 (Bonnaroo Tier 2). In years past Bonnaroo has sold out much quicker with the presale selling out in under a couple hours. A lot of it depends on how much the tickets are each year and how many tickets they put up for sale.

Can I use the payment plan with the Bonnaroo presale?

Yes, you can use the payment plan / layaway plan still when purchasing Bonnaroo passes through the presale. You can get all the details on the payment plan here.

How can I find out when the presale is happening?

You can either follow Bonnaroo on social media or sign up for their newsletter. You can do both those things here.


If you are definitely going to Bonnaroo I strongly recommend you snag some passes next November. You may as well save some money if you can – the Bonnaroo presale is a great opportunity to do this. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present next year with the presale passes. However, if there’s any chance you won’t be able to head to The Farm hold off for the general sale in January when you have a better idea on your plans.


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