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Article Summary

  • Having to go alone is no reason to not attend Bonnaroo
  • A lot of people attend Bonnaroo alone, you will not be the only solo person at Bonnaroo
  • It’s easy to make friends at Bonnaroo: it both Centeroo and in the Bonnaroo campgrounds
  • Most of your time is spent watching shows so being alone is no big deal.
  • You get to choose all the artists you will see and don’t have to deal with who other people want to see
  • The biggest downside to going to Bonnaroo alone is the lack of people to split the costs

 Bonnaroo Music Festival

Dying to go to Bonnaroo but can’t get any of your friends to go with you? Friends with a bunch of broke asses who can’t afford Bonnaroo? Bought tickets with your girlfriend and now you broke up? Questions about going to Bonnaroo alone are actually some of the most common questions about attending the festival. The point of this article is to go over why going to Bonnaroo is not only OK, but potentially even better. Trust me, it’s not all bad: let’s look at all the good things about attending Bonnaroo alone.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: You Choose Who You See

The most aggravating thing about Bonnaroo is the conflicts, which become exponentially more likely if you are with a group. Everyone has different music tastes and everyone will want to see different artists at Bonnaroo. If you are at Bonnaroo alone you can march to the beat of your own drum: whoever you want to see is who you will see, and you don’t need to miss a show to placate someone else in your group. For me this is the most appealing thing about going to Bonnaroo alone. I have many memories of being at one stage for a show I didn’t want to attend and longingly looking off in the distance at the stage I did want to be at.  Soloroo allows you to see every artist on the lineup you want to see. I think you will find if you research going to Bonnaroo alone that this is the number one thing people love about going to Bonnaroo alone.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: You Aren’t Really Alone

Bonnaroo is all about being free, having a good time, and promoting positive vibes. You will meet people from all over the world at Bonnaroo there to have a good time and enjoy good tunes. You can easily make a friend in the crowd while waiting for a show, or at your campsite. My main point is just because you are going to Bonnaroo alone doesn’t mean you are going to be isolated the whole weekend and not speak to anyone for 72 hours. You will likely meet people, chat it up with them, and make some new friends at Bonnaroo. If you are camping at Bonnaroo this is even doubly true: lots of people in the campgrounds become friends with your neighbors. There is over a 95% chance if you simply go up to your neighbors and explain the situation and bring some beer you will become quick Bonnaroo buddies. 

If you really don’t want to be alone I really suggest you go to the Bonnaroo Reddit page. They always have people planning meetups, which you could easily attend and make some friends. There’s also many people there going with groups that offer to take in people going to Bonnaroo alone. Lots of people go to Bonnaroo looking to interact with people they didn’t know before, you will be OK I assure you.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: Lots of People Go Solo

I assure you if you go onto the Inforoo forums or Bonnaroo Reddit page you are going to see a ton of people talking about going to Bonnaroo alone. I am writing this article because it is such a common question. Tons of people go to Bonnaroo alone, you will not be abnormal at all if you meet people and tell them you are going alone. Personally I have a lot of respect for people who go alone; it shows you aren’t deterred from doing something you want to do by something as insignificant as having to do it alone. Anyways, there will be tons of people there alone and you can likely make a friend of some of these people. 

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: Most of Your Time is at Shows

In general, about 60%+ of your time at Bonnaroo is going to be spent watching live music. There is limited interaction with your friends or group during the shows anyways.  Being at Bonnaroo alone isn’t a big deal since most of the time you will be enjoying the shows and not talking to anyone.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: More Time for Activities

Anytime you go to Bonnaroo with a group there is a lot of wasted time. Someone will get separated from the group or everyone will want to meet up for beers or get a group photo. This is all fine and dandy but while this is going on your missing action at one of the Bonnaroo stages. I would also say don’t underestimate how much time it can take just to get your whole group together at Bonnaroo – limited phone service, huge crowds, walking to different camping areas, etc. – it can be quite the ordeal. When you roll to Bonnaroo solo you don’t need to waste your time on this nonsense and can spend more time wandering the fields, looking at the art, or seeing a show at one of the Bonnaroo stages.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: Head Home Quickly

This one is sort of related to the last one: if you go to Bonnaroo alone, when you are ready to leave you can just leave and head back to your campsite. You don’t need to gather your group so you can all leave together or wait for someone to run to the bathroom. You, and you alone, decide when you head home from Bonnaroo.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: You Pick When You Go To Bonnaroo

This one is huge for me. I have been known to be particularly fond of the bottom 3 or 4 lines at Bonnaroo. One of my favorite parts about Bonnaroo is being able to find new artists that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Every year I find a ton of bands on the bottom lines I desperately want to see at Bonnaroo. The problem? These bands typically play sometime early, and my group is still sleeping. If you go to Bonnaroo alone you can head off to Bonnaroo whenever you please.

Why Going to Bonnaroo Alone is OK: Less Stress Planning

Whether it is for Bonnaroo or not, planning a trip with a group can be stressful. You need to coordinate heading into the Bonnaroo campgrounds together, plan out schedules together, wait to meet up with people, and in general take into account other people’s desires. I’m not trying to antisocial, but it is far less stressful planning Bonnaroo by yourself than with other people, especially a large group.

Negative About Going to Bonnaroo Alone: Costs

Now I don’t want to make it sound like it’s all rosy, or everyone would go to Bonnaroo alone. The biggest drawback to going to Bonnaroo alone is likely the costs. Going with a group to Bonnaroo lets you split a car camping spot and in general you split all the supplies. If you go to Bonnaroo by yourself you will be responsible to bring everything you need to your campsite: this is much more expensive than splitting it with a few friends. 

Negative about Going to Bonnaroo Alone: Pace Yourself

Given the heat and the general debauchery of Bonnaroo, it is easy to go too HAM. In these situations it could be nice to have a friend around to make sure you make it back to your campsite OK. Just be sure to take care of yourself if you are Bonnaroo by yourself, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. 


Going to Bonnaroo alone is perfectly fine, and really not that abnormal to be honest. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how many people attend Bonnaroo each year by themselves – you will not be an oddball by any means. I certainly wouldn’t let it be the reason you don’t attend Bonnaroo – go and you will have a blast!

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