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Article Summary

  • I attempt to breakdown the total cost of Bonnaroo including the tickets, camping, food, adult beverages and more
  • The final estimation is around $500 plus camping supplies unless you need a RV parking spot with electrical outlet
  • The big variation is how much you need to spend on camping supplies. I highly suggest you bring a tent, sleeping bag, headlamp/flashlight, along with other supplies. If you don't have these your expenses will be higher, if you do have them Bonnaroo will be fairly inexpensive for you.

Bonnaroo is one of the major music festivals in the country attracting upwards of 100,000 people a day. Nearly everyone camps for Bonnaroo, making it a unique experience. Some of the most common questions around Bonnaroo revolve around costs. Most festivals require you to book a hotel ASAP before they all fill up, but with Bonnaroo this isn’t an issue. This does save you money but you do have additional camping costs that shouldn’t be underestimated. This article tries to estimate what your total costs of Bonnaroo will be: tickets, camping gear, getting to the festival from the airport, etc. By the end of this article you should have a pretty good idea about how much your Bonnaroo experience will cost you.

Bonnaroo Tickets Cost: $311-386 GA

Bonnaroo offers a variety of passes: four day general admission, four day VIP, platinum, single day GA with shuttle, single day VIP with shuttle, and more. However, 90%+ of people just go with the standard four day general admission. This grants you full access to the Bonnaroo campgrounds, Centeroo and includes tent camping. That is, if you plan to just show up to Bonnaroo and pitch a tent you don’t need to pay for additional space.

So let’s assume you are like most people at Bonnaroo and go with the four day general admission pass. This pass first goes on sale during the Bonnaroo early bird sale, which this past year occurred on Black Friday (11/25). This is the cheapest time to get your Bonnaroo pass as it can be had for $275. From that point, Bonnaroo employs a tiered ticket system. When a tier sells out the price goes up. This has four iterations with Tier 4 being the final price at $350. Thus, the four day GA pass for Bonnaroo can cost you anywhere between $275 - $350. Of course there are fees, there’s always fees! Fees for Bonnaroo are roughly $36, bringing the Bonnaroo passes to a range of $311 - $386 depending on when you bought them.

Bonnaroo Camping Pass: $0 - $795

So as I mentioned, nearly everyone camps for Bonnaroo. Also as I mentioned, if you just want to pitch up a tent you don’t owe any additional fees to do that once you’ve purchased your passes. However, if you want to car camp or bring an RV those will cost you additional fees. Bonnaroo offers the following camping options:

  • Car Camping ($64.15) – If you want to hoist up a tent next to your car then this is the pass for you. The pass is sold on a per car basis, so you can have multiple people camp next to the car. This pass is good for any standard sized vehicles including SUVs.
  • Day Parking ($43.50) – Day parking is for if you drive to Bonnaroo and plan to just pitch a tent. You cannot camp next to your car with this pass, it is just for a parking spot in a lot and then you go camp in the tent camping area.
  • GA RV Pass ($250) – This secures you a 20’ x 50’ area where you can park your large vehicle and set up tents throughout your area. Everything in your camp area must fit within your designated area.
  • 30/50 AMP RV Power Pass ($725/$795) – This grants you the same RV spot but with the wonder of electricity! If you don’t want the whole camping experience and want some electric power you can get a hook up for your RV, just be sure to purchase the appropriate one for your power needs.

So this price clearly depends on your needs. In general most people go with car camping as the RV is for large groups with large vehicles. Car camping is a nice option as you can fit a few tents in your car camping area and the per person price on this really drops. Of course as I have said tent camping is always an option for $0.

Camping Supplies

In our first time tips for Bonnaroo article I lay out some of the bear essentials you should snag for camping at Bonnaroo. The costs for camping at Bonnaroo really depend on what you already have: do you have a sleeping bag? Do you have a tent? Do you have or want a portable grill? This is hard for me to estimate for you but in general I suggest bringing the following to Bonnaroo:

  • Food (Stock up and bring plenty to Bonnaroo)
  • Alcohol (Official Bonnaroo rules: Each person may bring in 2 cases of beer, 1.75 liter of hard liquor (no glass), and 2 boxes of wine. Anything over this amount is considered “excessive” and will be confiscated. No kegs are allowed in the campgrounds.)
  • A Tent
  • A Sleeping Bag
  • A Tarp (needed for shade and possibly torrential downpours)
  • Camping chairs
  • A flashlight or headlamp
  • Pillows
  • Cooler & dry ice
  • Ice (you can and should just purchase this at Bonnaroo)
  • Bug Spray
  • Ear plugs

In general most of these things are fairly inexpensive, but it does add up. Fortunately, many of these things can be split with your friends. Bonnaroo is still cheaper than a hotel for Lollapalooza or Outside Lands, so some camping supplies isn’t too bad of an expense. I would say expect to spend at least a couple hundred dollars in supplies for Bonnaroo, but think of it as an investment. The more you spend with bringing things to Bonnaroo the less you will spend there. My biggest advice is make sure you bring enough food and the maximum amount of alcohol: always better to have too much than too little.

Getting to Bonnaroo from the Airport: $0 - $64.30

If you are driving to Bonnaroo your cost will be gas obviously. If you are flying into Nashville the easiest way to get to is to take advantage of their shuttle program. Bonnaroo runs a shuttle from the Nashville Airport to Bonnaroo for $64.30 including all the fees. The shuttle operates on Thursday, Friday and Monday and is only sold as a round trip pass. You can see their official shuttle webpage for all the details. To summarize:

  • There is no shuttle on Saturday or Sunday
  • You cannot have a flight that leaves before 9:00 a.m. on Monday
  • The last bus leaves Bonnaroo on Monday at 1:00 p.m.
  • The latest you can arrive into Nashville is 9:00 p.m.
  • See the official page (linked above) for all the times of the shuttle 

You can obviously take an Uber from the airport if you prefer, but I find the shuttle to be a great deal if you need to fly into Bonnaroo.

Daily Costs at Bonnaroo (Food & Booze) - $50 / day

Due to the fact that you are camping at Bonnaroo you will spend less money daily at Bonnaroo than other music festivals. Anytime you are hungry or want to make a drink you can head back to your campground if you want as opposed to buying it at Bonnaroo. That said, you should still spend some money at Centeroo or you will be running back and forth between your campsite all day. Generally it’s pretty cheap at Bonnaroo and you can get by with $50 a day, especially if you sneak in booze. 

Total Bonnaroo Costs





Camping Pass

$0 - $795

Camping Supplies


Transfer from Airport

$0 - $64.30

Daily Costs (Food/Booze)



$475 - $1409.30 

Yes I know there is a big range there, but it generally is just because I left room open for if you get the RV pass with a power outlet. In general the Bonnaroo is cheaper than most music festivals because you just camp at the festival. If you need a lot of camping supplies your expenses could get higher, but in general you can split things with friends and make Bonnaroo a fairly reasonably priced experience when compared to other major music festivals.

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