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  • We answer all the basic questions for Bonnaroo newbies
  • Questions include when passes go on sale, when the lineup is announced, what you can bring into your camp site, what the festival layout is like and more

First time to Bonnaroo? Have some basic questions? You have come to the right place! Here we will go over all the basic information you need to know before heading off to your first Bonnaroo experience. There are no stupid questions here, so I am going to cover Bonnaroo basics and tips for you Bonnaroo Virgins. 

When does Bonnaroo announce its lineup?

Bonnaroo typically announces their lineup in mid-January now. They used to announce it in mid-February, but they have moved this date up to January. For Bonnaroo 2017 the lineup was announced on January 11th.

When do Bonnaroo tickets go on sale?

Bonnaroo passes go on sale with the lineup announcement, so this too will occur in mid-January. For Bonnaroo 2017 passes went on sale on January 17th at noon (EST).

First, a list of common newcomer questions: (Please suggest more to add to this!! I'll edit.)

Do Bonnaroo passes sell out?

No, Bonnaroo almost never sells out. There’s a lot of room at Bonnaroo, they can fit a lot of people at Bonnaroo.

How much are Bonnaroo passes?

Bonnaroo, like many music festivals, uses a tier system. During the Bonnaroo early bird you can passes for as low as $275. Leading up to the festival when passes reach Tier 4 they will be $350. The tiers between these are between these two price ranges. If you are unaware, tier systems work by selling tickets in batches. When the batch sells out they move to the next tier and the price increases.

How does the payment plan work for Bonnaroo?

We have a full article on the Bonnaroo payment plan, which you can read here. The short version is it splits your payment into three payments of 60%, 20% and 20%.

Does Bonnaroo offer an early bird or presale?

Yes, Bonnaroo typically holds a presale in November where you can get passes for much cheaper than after the lineup comes out. For Bonnaroo 2017 the presale occurred on November 25th (black Friday) and passes were $275. This represents about $50 in savings from the Tier 2 pricing for Bonnaroo.

Advice for getting to Bonnaroo?

Patience my friends. Even if you head to Bonnaroo early on Wednesday before the festival you are going to experience traffic. The police are constantly checking cars coming in, and there are limited roads to Bonnaroo: you are going to experience some traffic. Just be ready for it and try to not let it get you down.

Are there vendors in the campgrounds?

Yes, there are many vendors throughout the campgrounds at Bonnaroo and throughout Centeroo. You will be able to purchase food, art, merchandise and anything else you need in the campgrounds. I suggest bringing some cash as not every vendor will accept card.

What is the layout of Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo Map

You can see the full map for Bonnaroo above. As you can see it’s pretty huge, with most of it being dedicated for campsites. At the actual festival grounds there are many stages and vendors set up through the grounds. Bonnaroo is definitely a lot of walking and physical activity in the heat, it’s quite spread out. Be sure to bring your walking shoes to Bonnaroo!

Can I bring alcohol to my campsite at Bonnaroo?

Yes, there is a limit to how much but Bonnaroo does let you bring alcohol with you. You can have up to 2 cases of beer per person per car and 1 1.75L handle of liquor per person per car. If you are a wine person you can also bring 2 boxes of wine per person per car. All alcohol must be in plastic or aluminum cases – no glass is allowed at Bonnaroo. It will be confiscated if you violate these rules.

Is camping included with my Bonnaroo pass?

Yes, camping is included with your pass, and this is how most people experience Bonnaroo. If you want to bring a car or RV it will be additional costs, but if you are just hoisting up a tent you are good to go.

Whats the weather like at Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo has a lot of variation with the weather yearly. The heat can be unbearable and you really need to focus on hydration. It is not uncommon to have an entire of weekend of 100 degree days. It’s also not uncommon for Bonnaroo to be a muddy mess with cold, downpouring rain. You need to be prepared for any type of weather at Bonnaroo.

How do I shower at Bonnaroo?

Typically people don’t shower at Bonnaroo or just use something like baby wipes: expect some foul smelling people at Bonnaroo. There are also showers available in the campgrounds for $7 a pop.

What is Centeroo?

Centeroo is the center (duh) at the heart of Bonnaroo. This is where the big shows occur and a lot of events happen. If possible you want your camp site to be near here as you will likely spend a lot of time here while at Bonnaroo.

What is Superjam at Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo has something really awesome called Superjam every year. Superjam is a time when you have no idea who is going to come out on stage, but it has had some awesome colloborations in the past. It is held in a tent and often is some random artists from the bigger groups who simply rock out together. Some past examples of artists involved include Skrillex, Chance the Rapper and Metallica.

How do I get from the airport to Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo offers an airport shuttle that will offer you round trip transportation from the Nashville airport to Bonnaroo. The current price for the Bonnaroo airport shuttle is $60 per person.

What if I don’t want to camp for Bonnaroo?

There are certainly people who don’t camp for Bonnaroo. The most popular option is to book a hotel or Airbnb in Nashville, and take the Bonnaroo shuttle in. Bonnaroo offers a shuttle that leaves from Nashville at two different times, as well as returns from Bonnaroo back to Nashville at two different times. You can purchase this shuttle as a package in conjuction with your Bonnaroo pass at checkout. Hotels in Nashville can get expensive quickly, so I suggest booking early if you are going this route for Bonnaroo.


Hopefully that answered some of your Bonnaroo questions. If you still have a question that means someone else probably does too: feel free to ask me at and I will be sure to add it to your Bonnaroo FAQ!


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