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  • Bonnaroo offers a payment plan that splits up your total cost into three payments of 60%, 20% and 20%
  • The Bonnaroo payment plan is typically available until late March; after this point you must pay the full price of the pass
  • The Bonnaroo layaway plan can be applied to anything in your cart, not just your Bonnaroo pass

Bonnaroo can get pretty expensive: you need to pay to get there, pay for camping or a hotel, pay for supplies for the weekend, and obviously pay for the passes to Bonnaroo. One way to make it a little less financially troublesome is to utilize the Bonnaroo layaway plan. This used to be known as the payment plan; they are basically the same thing: they allow you to split up your Bonnaroo ticket pass into multiple payments. This article goes over all the details you need to know about the Bonnaroo payment plan including when you can use it, how much the payments are, and more.

How does the Bonnaroo payment plan work?

The Bonnaroo payment plan is available when the tickets go on mass sale in January. Typically the lineup is announced in early January and passes will go on sale shortly after. From this point on you can use the Bonnaroo payment plan. The payment plan will break up your Bonnaroo pass into three separate payments. The exact schedule can vary from year to year, but the 2017 Bonnaroo layaway plan used the following schedule of payments:

  • Payment 1: Deposit payment due on the day you first purchase passes to Bonnaroo. For this payment you will owe 60% of the total pass cost along with the processing and shipping fees.
  • Payment 2: 20% of the total balance, due by April 7th, 2017
  • Payment 3: 20% of the total balance, due by May 5th, 2017

What is the last day to use the Bonnaroo payment plan?

The Bonnaroo layaway plan becomes available in January when passes go on sale. If you want to utilize the layaway plan you must purchase a pass before March 31st, 2017. After this date you cannot purchase passes using the Bonnaroo payment plan: you will need to pay the full amount of the Bonnaroo pass.

Does it cost anything to use the Bonnaroo payment plan?

Bonnaroo charges an additional, non-refundable $8 fee to use the payment plan. This is much more reasonable than most music festivals.

Can I use the Bonnaroo payment plan for camping pass, hotels, etc.?

The Bonnaroo payment plan now applies to everything in your cart when you check out. Thus if you have a camping pass and a pass for Bonnaroo the payment plan will apply to everything in your cart. Your 60% of payment will now include the Bonnaroo pass and the cost of camping.

Do I need to go make my payment every month?

No, Bonnaroo will automatically charge the payment method that you used on the first day when you made your purchase. Whatever payment was used when you initially purchased Bonnaroo passes will be charged for the other two payments due. If this payment method is no longer valid, you will need to change the payment method as soon as possible. If your payment method is not valid when a payment is due Bonnaroo can revoke and resell your pass. You will be refunded any payments made up to that point minus the $8 payment plan fee and the money they charge as processing fees.

How do I update my payment method for the Bonnaroo payment plan?

Front Gate tickets runs Bonnaroo passes, so if you need to make a change you need to either login on their website or call them. Bonnaroo does not handle issues with your passes, so be sure to go through Front Gate. The process is pretty simple: you log in on Front Gate, go to your account, go to your orders, and there will be an edit payment method button. It should take only a few minutes, so be sure to update this if you need to! Don’t miss out on Bonnaroo because you forgot to change your payment method!

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