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  • The Bonnaroo lineup announcement has moved up to mid-January in recent years
  • Bonnaroo holds a presale in November, typically on Black Friday
  • The daily schedule comes out about a month before Bonnaroo in early May


Heading to Bonnaroo? Be sure to know all the dates so you don’t miss anything. Bonnaroo has a lot going on throughout the year, so it’s important to know when to expect everything. This article goes over all of the important dates with Bonnaroo including when you can expect the lineup, when passes ship, early bird sales and more. After reading this article you will know all of the important dates for Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo Presale – November (11/25/16 for Bonnaroo 2017)

If you are a planner than you should definitely take advantage of the Bonnaroo presale. Typically Bonnaroo does their presale/early bird sale in late November, just in time for the holiday season. This is unequivocally the cheapest time of the year to purchase Bonnaroo passes, so if you are definitely heading to Bonnaroo this is the time to get them. For Bonnaroo 2017 you could snag passes during presale for $274.50, which is $75 cheaper than passes are leading up to the festival.

Bonaroo Lineup – January (1/11/17 for Bonnaroo 2017)

Obviously the date every Bonnaroo fan is most looking forward to is when Bonnaroo drops their lineup. This date has been moving up every year, with the 2017 lineup coming out on January 11th, 2017. Bonnaroo used to release the lineup in February, but as I said lately it has been in mid-January. This is the time of year where a lot of festivals are releasing their lineup including Coachella, Governors Ball and Shaky Knees. Anyways, if you are interested the table below has the dates of the last few Bonnaroo lineup releases.


Date of Bonnaroo Lineup


February 19th


January 13th


January 19th


January 11th

Bonnaroo Tickets Go On Sale - January (1/11/17 for Bonnaroo 2017)

C3, who puts on Bonnaroo as well as many big festivals across the US, typically releases their tickets on the same date as the lineup. Bonnaroo is no exception - the lineup came out on January 11th and tickets went on sale on the same date. So you can look for Bonnaroo tickets to go on sale in early to mid-January as well.

Bonnaroo Daily Schedule – February (2/12/17 for Bonnaroo 2017)

Bonnaroo releases their lineup as one big blob without a daily split. In February, we learn who will play on each day of Bonnaroo. Typically this happens at the end of

Bonnaroo Set Times – Early May

Bonnaroo is better than a lot of festivals as they release the daily set times about a month in advance of the festival. This means you can expect the daily set times for Bonnaroo in early May, usually in the first week.

Bonnaroo Passes Ship – Late May

Bonnaroo states they begin shipping passes 2-4 weeks prior to Bonnaroo. As the festival typically happens the first or second weekend of June this means passes will begin shipping in late May.

Bonaroo Food Lineup – Late May

Bonnaroo will release their full food lineup right before the festival. This usually occurs in late May, giving you about a week to look over all the great treats you can devour at the ‘Roo. Bonnaroo usually brings in a lot of great food so you should try to plan ahead and grab some good eats.

Bonnaroo Festival – June

Typically Bonnaroo occurs the first or second weekend of June, right when it is getting ungodly hot and humid in Tennessee.

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