Stagecoach 2018 Primer: Presale, Tickets, Dates & More

May 7, 2017, 11:38 a.m.
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Stagecoach just wrapped up its 2017 edition of the festival, but it's never too early to begin planning for Stagecoach 2018! Before I dive into it I want to plug our own Stagecoach Guides & Articles page: if you are planning for Stagecoach we have spent a lot of time putting together a great resource with a ton of information on the festival: I suggest you give it a read if you are looking for info on Stagecoach. This article will go over all the dates and information you need to know to make sure you are at Stagecoach in 2018. We will discuss the Stagecoach presale, when tickets go on sale, if they sell out, and more.

Stagecoach 2018 Tickets Overview

If you are new to Stagecoach this video goes over the most common questions we get about tickets; it's a great starting point for Stagecoach rookies.

When is Stagecoach 2018?

Stagecoach in 2018 will take place from April 27th to April 29th, 2018. As usual Stagecoach will be the final weekend in April, following the back to back weekends of Coachella at the Empire Polo Grounds. Stagecoach runs from Friday through Sunday night. Stagecoach 2018 dates have followed the standard pattern the festival has followed for years.

Stagecoach 2018 Presale

It seems for 2018 Stagecoach has gotten rid of the presale system that they have always used in the past. Previously you could purchase passes before the lineup was released at a discount and utilize a payment plan that split your passes into multiple payments. You can still use the payment plan like in the past, but you no longer will get to purchase passes at a discount before the lineup is released. This is unfortunate as it was a great way to save some money on Stagecoach, but at least they have kept the payment plan in 2018. 

Stagecoach 2018 Passes

Stagecoach 2018 Tickets

As we reported last week, Stagecoach tickets will go on sale Friday, September 22nd at 11 a.m. PST. You can see all of the prices above for 2018, including the VIP (Corral area access). Unfortunately Stagecoach raised its prices this year as GA last year during the general sale started at $299 and only raised to $329 in February when they do their standard price increase. Anyways, here is the short version of what you should know about Stagecoach tickets:

  • You can use a payment plan that will divide up your pass up into multiple payments
  • VIP passes, which are the corral tickets, will go really quickly for Stagecoach 2018; if you are debating purchasing them figure it out quickly as these do sell out
  • The main benefit of the Corral passes is a good spot at the main stage. The pit is directly in front of the stage and the seated areas are behind the pit. 
  • Corral access lets you have a guaranteed good spot for shows at the Mane Stage without having to camp out all day
  • In years past Stagecoach has done a price increase around February
  • Personally we really like using the shuttle to get to Stagecoach. If you are thinking of staying in one of the surrounding areas such as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells or others we really suggest snagging the shuttle combo pass
  • Generally Stagecoach doesn't sell out, at least not really quickly like its sister festival Coachella. That said, they usually don't have a headliner like Garth Brooks. I don't expect it to instantly sell out, but it wouldn't shock me either

If you want all the information on Stagecoach tickets we have a full tickets article that goes into more detail on tickets, sell out risk, the payment plan and more.

Stagecoach Lineup

Stagecoach 2018 Lineup

If you are looking to explore the Stagecoach 2018 lineup check out our new Stagecoach Lineup App, that lets you see/listen to each artists top songs, see their recent setlists, most popular albums and more.

We knew as of last week that Garth Brooks would be headlining Stagecoach 2018, and now we know who will be joining him. Stagecoach 2018 released their lineup on September 13th, far in advanced of when they normally do, and its a big one. Headlining Stagecoach 2018 will be Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line and the one and only Garth Brooks. Other notable artists include Lee Brice, Kacey Musgraves and Jake Owen. Obviously the big get this year will be Garth Brooks' closing set on Sunday as it will be his first official headling spot at any U.S. festival. Given the huge crowds he draws and the rarity of his tours we are expecting big crowds at Stagecoach 2018, and possibly a quick sellout. If you are debating purchasing tickets I would suggest you do so ASAP.

One thing I found interesting, and it could be nothing, is that in Stagecoach's official press release they say this is the lineup "as of September 13". I read this as there is a potential for more artists to be added to the billing, but I suppose we shall all see!

New to Stagecoach in 2018

Stagecoach also announced today some new features coming to Stagecoach 2018 along with the lineup. Here is a summary of what will be new at Stagecoach 2018:

New Sirius Spotlight Stage - This will be a new, smaller stage featuring the up and comers in country music. If you are looking to find rising artists in an intimate setting this will be a nice addition for you.

Car Camping - The festival will be adding car camping at $179 per car as a lower budget option for Stagecoach attendees

More culinary focus - Stagecoach has announced they will be stepping up their BBQ game this year. There will be craft beer, craft cocktails and more emphasis on bringing quality BBQ to Stagecoach in 2018

Stagecoach Reviews

Stagecoach RV Passes

We actually got so many questions about Stagecoach RV passes that we wrote a guide about them. You can read our full article on Stagecoach RV passes here, but here is the short version:

  • In years past RV pass priority has gone to previous purchasers of RV passes
  • RV passes come in three types: 50-amp, 30-amp and dry
  • Each RV wristband allows up to 8 people to enter, all of which must also have a Stagecoach wristband

If you need more details on RV passes for Stagecoach 2018 check out the full article.

When to Book Stagecoach Hotels

We tracked Stagecoach hotel prices daily last year. You can see the average price of Stagecoach hotels across the Indio / Palm Springs / Indian Wells / etc. areas. Essentially we get the price of every hotel in the area for Stagecoach dates each day of the year and plot it so you know when is the best time to book your Stagecoach hotel. You can check out historical Stagecoach hotel prices here.

There was a slight dip in hotel prices around the new year in January, but in general you want to book early unless you can book really late. There was a drop of hotel prices starting in April, but that's pretty risky as it is pretty close to Stagecoach. I would at least try to secure a refundable hotel in January when we saw prices start to drop.

Shameless plug: you can get automatic updates on hotel prices for Stagecoach by registering at Event Track. You tell us what hotels you are interested in, how much you are willing to pay per night, and we email you if any of the hotels drop below that price. You can also get all sorts of useful information on hotels at our Stagecoach Hotels Page.

More Stagecoach Questions?

I highly recommend our Stagecoach Guides where we have articles for everything we think you'd possibly need to know when planning for Stagecoach. If there are any questions we haven't answered or additional articles you think we should add, please email us or add a comment below to let us know!. 

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