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Governors Ball 2018 Releases Set Times

April 21, 2018, 11:11 a.m.
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Governors Ball fans rejoice! We finally have set times. Of course, set times come with some sad news as you will soon be hit with a boat load of conflicts that will make it so you can't see many of the artists you were looking forward to. You can see the set times in the official Governors Ball tweet above, but here are the roughest conflicts we see:

  •  Post Malone vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Two of the bigger names on the poster, and unfortunately they play at the same time on Friday. Personally I would go YYY's as they lead into Jack White, and you could snag a good spot for Jack. Still, a really toughie to start off Friday night.

  • Tash Sultana vs. 6LACK - These two could not be more different, so perhaps not a tough conflict for many, but I'd love to see both. Tash Sultana has that hazy rock with catchy riffs and 6LACK is one of my favorite young rappers. 

  • Mikky Ekko vs. The Regrettes - First thing Saturday morning and you are hit with an indie/alt decision. I just saw The Regrettes at Coachella and highly recommend them, but I understand if you like Mikky Ekko.

  • CHVRCHES vs. N.E.R.D - Surprised at this one, thought they'd split these two up. N.E.R.D is the rarer see so I'd go with them, but I do like CHVRCHES a lot. They are a lot better at night with their lights and with the 7 p.m. set time you are likely still going to be all in the daylight.

Governors Ball always has tough set choices, and this year is no different. Hopefully the festival wasn't too bad for you in terms of conflicts, but even if it was remember you will have fun no matter what.

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