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Governors Ball 2017 Food Review

June 8, 2017, 10:21 p.m.
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Governors Ball is in New York, one of the top food destinations in the United States, so it’s not surprising at all that there were A LOT of delicious food options at Governors Ball in 2017. My fiancé, Shawn, and I literally wanted to try one of everything! Unfortunately, we do not have bottomless bank accounts or stomachs so we had to try to find and eat the best of the best.

To do this we used the steps in our Governors Ball Food Guide to identify which food vendors we were going to try before the first day of the festival. We based our choices on which items looked the most appealing to us personally and who had the best reviews across several review sources. We decided to each try one meal per day and then follow that up with a dessert to share, which allowed us to try a total of 8 vendors at Gov Ball, with only one place making both of our meal choice lists. Below is the list of must try eats we made for Gov Ball 2017.


Vendor Selector Yelp Google Facebook Ordering
Make Sandwich Both 4.5 4.4 4.9 Sandwich
Landhaus Heather 4.5 4.5 4.8 Veggie Burger
Hebros Kitchen Shawn N/A N/A 4.6 Sandwich
Bluestone Lane Coffee Heather 4 4.5 4.6 Avocado Toast
Mister Dips Shawn 4 4.8 4.3 Burger
Must Try Food List with Ratings


Vendor Selector Yelp Google Facebook Ordering
Momofuku Milk Bar Both 3.5 4.1 4.5 Cookies
Wowfulls Both 4 4.6 4.9 Ice Cream & Waffles
Dough Both 4 4.5 4.8 Doughnuts
Must Try Dessert List with Ratings


Once this list was made, we committed to trying one meal and one dessert each day, located where the vendors were on the Gov Ball map and as a result, enjoyed some of the best food we’ve ever tried at a music festival. 


Gov Ball 2017 Day One Food Review

On the first day, we arrived late to the festival and wanted to pack as much music in as possible, so we went to the vendor we had in common, Make Sandwich, to save time. I am a vegetarian so I opted for the Zucchini & Mozzarella sandwich, which I unfortunately did not love. I loved that Make Sandwich didn’t skimp on the Mozzarella or sandwich filling, but there was a thinly sliced vegetable covered in what I assume was Miso sauce that looked too much like meat for my liking. Shawn verified and I tried multiple pieces myself to confirm whatever it was, it was not meat, but I just couldn’t get past the meat-like appearance to enjoy it. Shawn on the other hand ordered the Steak and Salsa Verde sandwich and loved it. He emphasized that his sandwich was not just good for festival food, but really good period and if we had one close to us he would want to eat there all the time.

Our dessert for the night was Momofuku’s Milk Bar. We ordered the cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookie and a slice of crack pie. I have to be honest, when I first got up to the counter I was disappointed by the appearance of both. All the items on the counter looked like basic, packaged, standard-processed goods and after hearing my friends rave about this place I was expecting more. Well let me tell you, appearances can be deceiving, because both desserts were incredible. The cookie was softer than it looks, delicious and different than any cookie I’ve had elsewhere, while the crack pie lived up to its name. Seriously, I am drooling just thinking about these desserts. Plus, the Milk Bar cookies were a festival steal at only $3 per cookie.

 Overall, having a plan worked out really well for Day One. While I didn’t love my sandwich, it was still good quality and Shawn did love his, which overall made this a win for the meal. Although to be honest, the Milk Bar was enough by itself to make the day an eating success. 

Governors Ball 2017 Food Day One

Left: Make Sandwich Zucchini & Mozzarella; Right (Top-Bottom): Make Sandwich Steak and Salsa Verde, Milk Bar Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie, Milk Bar Crack Pie


Gov Ball 2017 Day Two Food Review 

Day One had set high expectations for food and we were excited to try more new places on Day Two. For my “meal” I chose the Avocado Toast from Bluestone Lane Coffee. Believe it or not, this was actually my first time trying Avocado Toast and while I realize it is more of a snack than a meal, I figured New York was the place to try the trending breakfast staple. At first glance I was impressed by the amount of avocado they put on a fairly thick piece of bread, but not a fan of the drippy, oily appearance of the Avocado seasoned mash. However, any objections I had to the appearance faded quickly when I bit into it. The oil and seasonings mixed with avocado was delicious, the bread was soft and I had no complaints when I ate my last bite.

Shawn decided to get a Mister Dips Double Burger and Waffle Fries for his second meal. He thought the burger was above average for festival food, but not something he’d go out of his way to try again and the waffle fries were basic with nothing special about their taste. Despite this, he described the burger as the best value of Gov Ball Weekend at only $8 for a double. For comparison, my avocado toast was $9 and obviously less filling than a double burger.

Our dessert for day two was the Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnut from Dough. This may not have been the choice we would have made if there was a wider selection to choose from, but we went at night and beggars can’t be choosers. While it might not have originally been our first choice, it was delicious. Each bite was filled with the perfect amount of lemon flavor as to be enjoyable without overpowering. Next time I’m in New York I’d definitely like to try Dough again when more variety is available.

 Finally, the picture includes a picture of Electric Sky’s “half bottle” of wine, because I found it hilarious and couldn’t resist adding it. If you know you’re going to drink at least two cups of wine, the half bottle option will save you a few dollars compared to buying each cup individually.

Governors Ball 2017 Food Day Two

Left: Electric Sky Half Bottle of Wine; Right (Top-Bottom): Mister Dips Double Burger and Waffle Fries, Bluestone Lane Coffee Avocado Test, Dough Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnut


Gov Ball 2017 Day Three Food Review

Music festivals always seems to go by too quick! Our final day was packed with a lot of good music starting right at 12, so we grabbed food at Brooklyn Bagel before going into the festival. This article isn’t about food outside of the festival, but as a side note, it was delicious! 

For my final meal in the festival I got the Landhaus Veggie Burger and it was delicious. I’m not a big fan of fake soy burgers, so I’m always hesitant when getting a Veggie Burger at a new place, but Landhaus’ patty is made with actual veggies and was delicious. I should have gotten a better picture, because the one included doesn’t do the patty justice, but since I can’t unwind time, you’ll have to trust me on this one. If you’re a vegetarian at Gov Ball, you can’t go wrong with Landhaus. Shawn got a sandwich at Hebros Kitchen, which he claimed “gipped” him on the meat, but was damn delicious despite this.  

Our final item of the Gov Ball weekend was Wowfulls waffle cone and ice cream. It was definitely the item to end Gov Ball weekend on! Even with it being rainy and cold on our final day, we both thoroughly enjoy our Wowfulls cone. The waffle was warm enough to add the enjoyment without immediately melting the ice cream. If you go to Gov Ball and Wowfulls is an option, make sure you make a point to try it!

Governors Ball 2017 Food Day Three

Left: Wowfulls Waffle Cone and Ice Cream; Right (Top-Bottom): Hebros Kitchen Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Landhaus Veggie Burger


Gov Ball 2017 Rankings

At the end of the weekend we ranked and rated our favorites from the weekend. As you can see below our ratings vary significantly, but in our opinion there was one clear winner at Gov Ball 2017. 

Rank Vendor Rating
1 Momofuku Milk Bar 5
2 Wowfulls 4.7
3 Landhaus 4.5
4 Bluestone Lane Coffee 3.5
5 Dough 3.5
6 Make Sandwich 2.8
Rank Vendor Rating
1 Momofuku Milk Bar 5
2 Make Sandwich 4.8
3 Dough 4.5
4 Wowfulls 3.5
5 Hebros Kitchen 3.5
6 Mister Dips 3.0
Heather's Rankings
Shawn's Rankings

Momofuku Milk Bar is the clear winner and the good news is they offer online ordering and shipping, so if there isn’t one located close to you, you can still get your hands on these delicious treats!

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