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Governors Ball 2018 Info: Dates, Presale, Tickets, Lineup & More

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Governors Ball has wrapped up for this year and now it's time to get ready for Governors Ball 2018. If you are still reminiscing about Gov Ball 2017 you can see our full review here. If you are ready to move on to Gov Ball 2018 then let's get to it. This will go over all of the important information you need to know for Gov Ball 2018: presale, lineup releases, tickets, and more. We will also speculate on who we could see headlining Governors Ball in 2018

Governors Ball Planning Overview

Check out the video below for a brief overview of Gov Ball, important dates to know, most common questions, and our top tips.


Governors Ball 2018 Dates

Governors Ball 2018's official dates are June 1st to June 3rd. This is pretty standard for Governors Ball at this point - they are always the first weekend of June. I would say it's a nice time of the year to host a music festival if Governors Ball hadn't be plagued by weather issues almost every year except 2017.

Gov Ball Presale

Governors Ball 2018 Presale

Governros Ball announced today (12/1/2017) that they will have a special Holiday Presale on 12/12/17 at Noon EST! For full details on the 2018 Governors Ball Presale go to our article covering it. The presale is the cheapest opportunity to buy Gov Ball passes, so be sure to check it out if you are a thrifty shopper! Governors Ball is also doing lineup hints from 12-1 to 12-12, which we will attempt to decipher on that same page. 

Governors Ball 2018 Lineup Date & Tickets

Perhaps the most anticipated date of the year for Governors Ball fans is the announcement of the lineup.  Governors Ball generally announces their lineup in early January.  This is a popular time for festival fans as Governors Ball, Coachella, Bonnaroo and other festivals all release their lineups in this early January timeframe.  Rival and fellow NYC festival Panorama also releases their lineup around this time too.  Governors Ball is usually one of the earlier festivals to release their lineup.  For example, in 2017 Governors Ball released their lineup on January 4th.  Below you can see the dates Governors Ball has released their lineups the last few years.


Day of Lineup Announcement


January 15th   


January 7th  


January 8th


January 4th

Note that tickets go on sale with the release of the lineup. Thus you can expect to be able to get Governors Ball 2018 tickets in January.

If you want to see a list of all the important dates for Governors Ball Click Here

Governors Ball 2018 Accommodations

Anyone who has travelled to New York City knows it is expensive, so booking Governors Ball accommodations early is really important if you want to save some money. I am going to plug our own Governors Ball Hotel Page where we have historical pricing from past year's Governors Ball so you can compare the price you see now versus what the hotel dropped to last year. We also have free alerts if a hotel drops in price and lots of other great information to make your Gov Ball booking stress free.

Average Price of Governors Ball Hotels By Date

 In general we saw if you booked far in advance for Governors Ball you did save some money - something to keep in mind if you are planning for 2018.

Who will headline Governors Ball 2018?

For the record, I have no insider information. This section is me purely speculating and giving educated guesses based on industry knowledge, tour dates and other info. It should be stated though I am just like you and love speculating and rumors associated with Governors Ball and the 2018 lineup. Anyways, here are my official predictions and then some other artists in the mix.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Headliner #1: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Perhaps I am being too influenced by the fact that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a New York band, but things seem aligned well for them to headline Governors Ball in 2018. Of course this same argument could be made for them to headline Panorama given their association with AEG, but I could still see them at the Ball. They have announced a new album for 2018 and have been leaking festival dates here and there for 2017. I can see them being on a full festival tour in 2018 with a stop at Governors Ball.

Kendrick Lamar Gov Ball 2018

Headliner #2: Kendrick Lamar

For someone who had a meteoric rise with festivals, King Kendrick didn't play many of them in 2017. Perhaps it will be too far from the release of DAMN for a Governors Ball 2018 show, but I still see him as the hip hop headliner in 2018. There's always one and when I look around I'm not sure who else fits. It very well could be Jay-Z given his Live Nation contract, but obviously there is no Chance and I don't see Kanye yet. At this point I'm not sure who else is big enough; I think it will be Kendrick.

Arcade Fire Gov Ball 2018

Headliner #3: Arcade Fire

Again an act that rose to prominence with festivals but didn't play many in 2017. Arcade Fire is on a massive tour right now and just actually played MSG. This show would be far enough before a potential Gov Ball headlining show. Right now their tour goes through April in Europe, which could set them up to play American festivals in the summer. In 2017 they played many festivals in Europe and I am thinking 2018 will be the year they play festivals in the U.S., including governors ball.

Other Artists In The Mix

So those would be my official guesses as of now. Of course there are tons of other possibilities, here's some of the ones that seem more likely:

  • Jay-Z: As I mentioned he signed a mega deal with Live Nation and I imagine they want to put him to work. Gov Ball loves book NYC acts and no one is more famously from the Big Apple than Jay.

  • Vampire Weekend: Another NYC act that could potentially headline at this point. I've been hearing they have new music coming for years and I am still waiting. IF they do have a new album Gov Ball makes a lot of sense for them.

  • Frank Ocean: Certainly an option if he's not being crazy and touring. He played Panorama last year and perhaps this year he plays NYC's other major festival.

  • Kanye West: A lot of people are saying he's in the mix. I don't see it personally; it's too soon (even if he got rained out) and I think festivals will be hesitant to book him until he shows he isn't batshit crazy and storming off stages.

  • Foo Fighters: Definitely make a lot of sense and a legitimate #1 headliner. They've never headlined Governors Ball and they do have a new album out.

  • Jack White: Allegedly a new album is coming next year and it's been awhile since he was at Governors Ball, he could definitely be in play for 2018.

  • Lana Del Rey: Not sure if she's big enough to headline yet. She most likely is and she will be touring in 2018. Right now her tour dates go until March, indicating she is going to be on the summer festival circuit.

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