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Governors Ball 2017 Free Food and Activities

May 28, 2017, 12:47 p.m.
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They say nothing ever comes free, but at Governors Ball that’s just not true. Well technically it’s not true, when you forget about the cost of the ticket you purchased a few months ago, but that was month ago, this stuff is free now! Governors Ball offers a ton of opportunities for free food, activities and experiences all designed to enhance your festival experience and fun. We’ve broken the free stuff into three categories: Food/Drink, Activities, Photo Ops, Special Views and Miscellaneous. Scroll down to the categories you’re interested in and enjoy your free paid for perks. 

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What food and drinks can I get for free at Governors Ball?

You won’t be able to sustain on the available free food and drinks all weekend or even all day, but they may be enough to hold off the mid-afternoon snack craving until you absolutely need to eat for dinner. Those snacks can be expensive at $10+ so you might as well grab a sandwich or some candy to try and hold off the hunger pains as long as you can.

  • Subway: Free Mini Sandwiches
  • Infatuation Snack Cabinet: Childhood Snacks
  • Sour Punch Candy Bar: Candy Samples
  • Share A Coke Tour: Soda Samples
  • Vitamin Water Experience: Vitamin Water Samples
  • Governors Ball: Water Refill Stations

 Wondering what Governors Ball and Infatuation Village mean by childhood snacks? Me too! I don’t know if I’m going to like whatever these snacks are, but you better believe I plan to go find out what they are. The snack cabinet is in Infatuation Village, directly left of the East Gate Entrance. When grabbing your snack, you may also want to swing by Subway for your free mini sandwich as it’s located just left of Infatuation Village when entering from the East Gate. If you’re feeling a little parched after your free bites, there are free coke samples not too far away at the Share a Coke Tour Tent located across from the Bacardi Stage. You may notice the soda samples are directly next to the free candy at Sour Punch Candy Bar, so you might as well grab that too. At this point you might think, I’ve grabbed all the other free things, might as well go the few extra feet to the Vitamin Water Experience to grab my free sample there and I would completely agree with that thinking. Finally, visit any of the water stations, fill up your CamelBak with free filtered water provided by the festival. If you choose to follow this route everyday you’re there I won’t judge you I just might do it too.


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What activities can I do for free at Governors Ball?

Governors Ball offers free games and activities for you to fill any down time between shows. If you got a spare 30 minutes to kill, might as well head to any of these sites for some fun.

  • Randall’s Island Mini Golf: Mini Golf
  • Lawn Games: Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, Bocce Ball, Connect Four
  • Honda X Waterloo Artist Signing: Artist Autographs
  • Governors Ball: Art

I love mini golf, so this is one area I plan to head to if I have some extra time. I might not be able to play a full game, but maybe I can score a hole in one and feel good about myself for the day! The lawn games are also a great way to kill time with friends or one of my favorites at any festival is simply walking around the festival grounds and enjoying the art. Of these activities, the most likely to be time consuming is artist signings. The lines for artists can get long even for smaller, lesser known artists, so you’ll want to plan enough time to be waiting in line, especially for bigger names. If you’re willing to make this free experience, not free, you can purchase a cd from the artist and get fast lane access to have it signed. The times for artist signing is usually released a few days prior to the festival, follow the festival on social media to find out when they’re released.


Are there any special photo opportunities at Governors Ball?

Yes! Governors Ball knows there’s no better exposure than free exposure and what better way to get it than offering free photo ops for us to promote the festival all over social media for our friends and family to see?

  • Fujifilm Instax: Instax Frames
  • Foxtales Photo Experiences: Gov Ball Pit Photo
  • Governors Ball: Photobooths

I must admit, I’m excited about the Foxtales Photo Experience, of these options that’s the one I have added to my list of must-do activities. For the other photo opportunities, if you walk by and have a few minutes, stop and grab a photo to post to social media and make everyone you know at home jealous that they’re not having the amazing time you are!


Are there any special viewing areas I can access at Governors Ball for free? 

Depending on how broad you are with this category there are two:

  • Casa Bacardi: Palm Tree Periscopes
  • Citi Credit Cards: Citi Viewing Deck

I realize the first is not technically a viewing area, but it’s still a cool view to see the festival grounds through a periscope, especially when it’s a palm tree periscope! The Citi Viewing Deck is free, but feels a little like it’s not since you’re required to have their credit card and set up cashless payment using a Citi Card to access it. However, I happen to have one and I planned to do this anyways, so it feels free to me. Space is limited and access is available first-come-first-serve basis.


Are there any other free things at Governors Ball?

Yes, there are your miscellaneous options, that didn’t quite fit into any of the previous categories:

  • Got2B Braid Bar: Free Braids
  • UNHCR: Virtual Reality Tour of Refugee Camp
  • Headcount: Voter Registration
  • Soberball: A Sober Group for Like-Minded Friends

Wake up one morning and just don’t have the time or energy to do your hair? No problem, Got2B has you covered with free braids! If you’re concerned about the refugee crisis and want to better understand what’s happening or what it’s like for them stop by UNHCR, the Un-Refugee Agency for more information and a virtual reality tour of a refugee camp. If this video motivates you to vote and you’re not registered yet, a good next stop is Headcount to get that taken care of, because as citizens voting is the only voice we have. Finally, want to have a good time, but prefer to do it without any additional substances, stop by Soberball to make new friends with other people looking for the same thing.    



There are a lot of great performances to see at Governors Ball, but it’s nice that they focus on going above and beyond that to offer a full experience with free food, activities and photo opportunities for their attendees. When you have some downtime between shows, be sure to take advantage of some of these perks to enhance your Governors Ball 2017 experience. 



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