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How To Get To Governors Ball

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Where is Governors Ball?

How do people get to Governors Ball?

Walk Across RFK Bridge, Bike, Shuttle or Ferry (NOTE: No Uber goes to Randall's Island at night)

Does Governors Ball offer transportation?

Yes, Governors Ball offers both a shuttle and a ferry service. Depending on where you stay one of the options should work for you.

Our recommendation for getting to Governors Ball

There's no clear cut way to get to Governors Ball as it all depends on where you are staying. When I last attended I stayed in Queens and simply walked across the RFK Bridge. If you are anywhere in NYC you can potentially just take the subway to somewhere near the RFK Bridge on either the Manhattan or Queens side and walk to Gov Ball. Note that it is a bit of a hike as it is a 30+ minute walk, but plenty of people do it. The other option is to go with either the official Gov Ball shuttle or the ferry.

Detailed Guides On Governors Ball Transportation

How to get to Governors Ball - All the Info You Need!

  • Governors Ball takes place on Randall’s Island in NYC, which is fairly central and offers a lot of options for getting there
  • Governors Ball offers a shuttle from Brooklyn and a ferry from Manhattan.  The ferry has mostly positive reviews and the shuttle from Brooklyn generally has mixed reviews
  • Most public transportation routes have you take the subway to near the RFK bridge and just walk across it to Governors Ball

How much does it cost to get to Governors Ball?

Free if you walk.

Is there parking onsite??

No, there is absolutely no parking available at Governors Ball on Randall's Island.