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  • Governors Ball typically announces their lineup in January and this is quickly followed by the general sale of tickets
  • The holiday presale for Governors Ball 2018 is on 12/12/17 with tickets priced at $245 for 3-Day General Admision
  • During the general sale passes start at $275 and go up as tiers sell out.
  • Governors Ball will sometimes sell out - it is lineup dependent. In 2017 Governors Ball did not sell out.

Governors Ball has grown to one of the largest festivals in the country with over 150,000 attendees each year.  This makes Governors Ball tickets a hot commodity every year when they come up.  The goal of this article is to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about Governors Ball tickets to make sure you don’t miss out. 

When do Governors Ball tickets go on sale?

The first chance to snag tickets is during the holiday presale, which occurs in December. After that Governors Ball releases their lineup and tickets in early to mid January.  This is a departure from previous years when Governors Ball put tickets on sale later in the year.  For example, in 2016 Governors Ball tickets went on sale on February 11th.  Governors Ball 2018 tickets went on sale on January 3rd.

Does Governors Ball offer single day passes?

Governors Ball will not have single day passes available when it first releases tickets, but generally will release them at a later date.  In 2017 they released the single day passes in February.  The single day passes were priced at $105 per day. Generally festivals wait on single day passes based on how three day passes sell. If three day general admission passes sell out quickly the single day passes will be released much sooner.

Governors Ball Tickets 

How much are Governors Ball tickets?

General Admission - Governors Ball offers a wide variety of passes during the general sale in January. Note that the cheapest prices are the Holiday Sale in December, where tickets in 2018 were $245. On lineup announcement day prices were $275 and after that they jumped to $305. This is a change from Gov Ball's ticket tier system in years past were prices gradually increased in 3+ tiers as the festival got closer. As usual the earlier you buy the more you save.

VIP – Governors Ball VIP comes in a variety of packages. If you want all the details on VIP for Governors Ball check out our full article. Anyways on announcement day Gov Ball VIP is $600 and after that it jumped a whopping $105 to $705. Gov Ball also brought back the VIP Plus pass in 2018, although the price greatly increased to $1,950. Finally if you are a big baller you can go Platinum for a cool $2,190.

Does Governors Ball offer a payment plan?

Yes, as is standard with nearly all music festivals put on by Live Nation, Governors Ball offers a payment plan. Governors Ball payment plan splits your ticket into four different payments, and can be used with any level (GA, VIP, VVIP, Platinum) of passes. This four pament system was not applicable to single day passes. Also note that the payment plan requires an additional $7 fee, which isn't bad compared to some other music festivals. Below you can see the specific terms of the Governors Ball payment plan based on a previous year.

Payments will be:

- 25% Down + Fees & Shipping at time of purchase

- 25% Payment February 15th, 2018

- 25% Payment March 15th, 2018

- 25% Payment April 15th, 2018

Note that the terms of the payment plan can adjust depending on when you purchase your passes. The example above is for you if you purchase shortly after the tickets go on sale. If you purchase after the second payment would be due in February the 4 equal payments of 25% will be adjusted appropriately. For 2018 you were able to use the payment plan in some form until early April.

What about Governors Ball presale?

Governors Ball 2018 has a new, Holiday Presale that occurs on December 12th, 2017. Tickets during the Holiday Presale will be the cheapest of the year with GA passes beginning at $245 and $560 for VIP. Check this out if you want the full breakdown of the Governors Ball 2018 holiday presale.

Do Governors Ball tickets sell out?

This varies year to year depending on the lineup.  Typically Goversnors Ball does not sell out. Obviously this can change year to year, but IF it sells out it's usually in the final weeks leading up to the festival. You are pretty safe from January to April that it won't sell out.

Additionally, Governors Ball will usually send out an announcement if the tickets are near selling out so you will have some warning.  Single day tickets for Governors Ball usually will sell out closer to the festival in May.  Of course, if you really want to go to Governors Ball you should just buy them when they go on sale and not risk it - plus you wil lsave money. If this isn't possible you can usually comfortably wait until March, just know you are risking it.

What about transportation packages?

Governors Ball also offers transportation packages such as shuttles from Brooklyn and a boat to Randall's Island from Manhattan. These passes all become available when passes go on sale in January. If you are staying far away from the RFK Bridge which you can just walk over to Governors Ball I would strongly consider one of these options.

Where do I buy tickets for Governors Ball?

You can buy tickets for Governors Ball at their official website

How do I find out when Governors Ball tickets go on sale?

Selfishly I would suggest you should register with Event Track and add Governors Ball to your tracked events list. This will automatically subscribe you in our Governors Ball newsletter that automatically sends you news, rumors and updates, including when tickets go on sale. You can also follow or like Governors Ball on any social media platform, this is typically where music festivals first post this kind of news.

When do Governors Ball wristbands / tickets ship?

Governors Ball will begin shipping wristbands 2-4 weeks before the festival. Note that if you order after this time you will need to pick up your passes on site at the will call booth. We had to do this for Governors Ball 2017 and it wasn't a pleasant experience as the wait was an hour or so (see the picture above). It's not a big deal if you need to, but it will save you some boring time in line if you order before this.

Will Call Gov Ball 2017

What about bringing kids to Governors Ball?

The official Governors Ball policy is children 5 years old and younger are free. Strollers are also allowed should you need one, just know the grassy fields of Governors Ball can get in pretty rough shape in the rain and trash so a stroller could be pretty difficult to wheel around.

Can I upgrade my Governors Ball GA pass to VIP after purchase?

So you've become richer since you purchased your Governors Ball pass and are looking to live the good life? Governors Ball does allow you to do this, but you need to go through Front Gate Tickets, who handles Gov Ball passes. You can call 888-512-7469 or visit their support page. Have your order number ready and you should be able to upgrade for the pass cost difference.

Does Governors Ball offer refunds if I can't make it?

Negative ghost writer, and for the record neither does any other music festival - all sales are final.

What about buying Governors Ball passes through SeatGeek or Stubhub?

Governors Ball states these passes cannot be guaranteed to work and you should only purchase passes through them. The reality is plenty of people purchase through these platforms and are perfectly fine as they are reputable companies. The cost of passes could go either way depending on the lineup. Generally passes decrease in cost as Governors Ball approaches and you can snag a deal. This is typically because people who bought passes can no longer attend and are desperate to sell for anything. This is obviously only a viable option if you live in NYC or can travel last minute, but I know plenty of people go this route annually for Gov Ball and can get a pretty good deal. If last minute purchasing is an option for you then you may want to consider going this route.

Are Governors Ball wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.

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