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  • Governors Ball hosts a group of events known as Governors Ball After Dark, which is a bunch of concerts that take place after the festival ends each night
  • The shows feature Governors Ball artists at venues located throughout New York City
  • Most shows are in the $15-$40 price range and will sell out very quickly
  • Anyone can attend the Governors Ball after parties, you do not need to have a wristband

Technically speaking, Governors Ball goes from 11:45 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day. Of course, New York City has no bed time and neither does Governors Ball. Each year Governors Ball announces after parties that go on after Governors Ball has ended for the night. Sounds cool, right? This article goes into all the information about these shows and when you can expect an announcement.

After party you say?

Yes, each year Governors Ball puts on what they call “Governors Ball After Dark”, which is their way of saying it is the after party. This is when you get another chance to see some of your favorite artists at Governors Ball put on another show outside of the normal festival.

Do I get to go for free if I go to Governors Ball?

You wish! I do too for what it’s worth. These parties are not included in your regular, VIP or Platinum VIP passes – you will need to purchase these passes on top of your Governors Ball wristband. The good news is the Governors Ball After Dark shows are usually pretty reasonably priced.
Governors Ball After Parties

Who plays the Governors Ball after parties?

It varies every year, obviously depending on the lineup. It’s never the headliner putting on a bonus show, but you do get some really awesome artists getting involved. Typically it is more artists from the hip-hop, rap and EDM music genres, but this can vary year to year as well.

When do they announce the Governors Ball after parties?

Typically the lineup for the Governors Ball after parties comes out about a month before the festival. For example, in 2016 the after parties were announced on May 3rd and Governors Ball took place on June 3rd. This is pretty standard – look for the Governors Ball After Dark info to come out about a month before the festival.

Where are the after parties usually?

Typically there will be events all over New York City for the Governors Ball After Dark shows. Some common venues are the Brooklyn Bowl, Webster Hall and Output. The venues are usually spread across the city so you should be able to find one in your neck of the woods fairly easily. They also have venues of all different types: nightclubs, concert halls, etc.

When do the after party shows begin / end?

Typically Governors Ball starts these concerts early in the week on Tuesday or Wednesday the week of Governors Ball. For example, in 2016 the shows began with Catfish and the Bottlemen at Webster Hall on Tuesday. Shows continue each day of the week until Sunday. The majority of the shows are on Friday and Saturday, but there is at least one Governors Ball sponsored show each day of the week.

How do I find out about the Governors Ball After Dark shows?

If you want to go to one of the official after parties then I highly suggest following Governors Ball on social media. They usually make the announcement simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter, so if you follow them you will be the first to know. Again, Governors Ball after parties almost always sell out so this will help you get tickets ASAP.

How much do the after parties cost?

This fully depends on the artist – think of it as no different than attending a regular show if the artist was in town and doing a concert that night. Most of the artists are headliners so the shows are in the $15-$40 range. For example, the following were prices for 2016 Governors Ball After Dark Shows:

  • Bully - $15
  • Joey Bada$$ - $29.50
  • Duke Dumont - $15 - $25
  • Mac Miller - $35
  • Thundercat - $20

The point is none of the Governors Ball After Dark shows are going to set you back hundreds – they are reasonably priced. Many of the Governors Ball after party shows do sell out though so act quickly if you want to attend!

Can anyone attend the Governors Ball After Party shows?

Yes, whether you attended Governors Ball or not, you can go to the after party shows. This is good in that you can bring friends who didn’t attend the festival, but it also makes getting tickets quite competitive. But yes, anyone can attend these shows assuming they have purchased a ticket.

Are there age limits for Governors Ball after parties?

Sometimes, this is usually determined by the venue itself. Some shows have age limits so be sure to check if the show is 21+ before you purchase a pass.

How late do the after parties go? Can I stay for the Governors Ball headliners and still make it?

Absolutely, many of the shows go until the early morning hours. Keep in mind that in New York City the bars and clubs can stay open until 4 a.m. so many of these parties will go until the early morning hours. Governors Ball ends at 11 p.m. every night so there is still plenty of time to see an after party show and still see the headliner.

Are the Governors Ball after parties worth it?

It depends. It is a unique chance to see some larger artists in a small, intimate venue. You will also get to see a full set / performance, which often isn’t the case at Governors Ball. At music festivals the artists typically have a very strict set time of 40-50 minutes. At the after party shows they can often perform longer and have time for more crowd interaction. If there is an artist involved in a Governors Ball After Dark show that you really love it is definitely worth it to check them out. Another reason these shows are really nice is if you have a conflict. Often there will be two artists at Governors Ball playing at the same time that you wanted to see, so you are out of luck. If one of them is involved in an after party show it gives you another chance to see them since you missed them at Governors Ball.

However, the flip side of the coin is you already paid for Governors Ball to see these artists. Why shell out more money on top of your wristband to see someone you have already paid to see? This is a fair point. Also, you can just go bar hopping or to nightclubs after Governors Ball lets out and have a blast; you don’t need to go to another concert to have fun in NYC. It really depends what you want.


Governors Ball ends earlier than many festivals with an 11 pm bedtime, but the festival keeps the party going through NYC. If you like any of the artists doing the after party shows they are worth checking out. It’s a great way to see a talented artist for a reasonable price, and you can to check out some NYC nightlife.

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