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Every Date You Need to Know for Governors Ball in NYC

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Article Summary

  • Article goes over all the key dates you need to know for Governors Ball
  • The lineup for Governors Ball is typically announced in early January with passes going on sale shortly after that
  • Single day passes for Governors Ball go on sale in late February
  • The set times are released in May, about a month prior to Governors Ball

Some of the most common questions that come up about Governors Ball are about dates.  When do Governors Ball tickets go on sale? When is the presale? When is the schedule released?  These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Governors Ball and the goal of this article is to make you aware of every important date you need to know.  I will start from the beginning of the year and move from there. 

Lineup Announcement – Early January (January 4th in 2016)

Perhaps the most anticipated date of the year for Governors Ball fans is the announcement of the lineup.  Governors Ball generally announces their lineup in early January.  This is a popular time for festival fans as Governors Ball, Coachella, Bonnaroo and other festivals all release their lineups in this early January timeframe.  Rival festival Panorama also releases their lineup around this time too.  Governors Ball is usually one of the earlier festivals to release their lineup.  For example, in 2016 Governors Ball released their lineup on January 4th.  Below you can see the dates Governors Ball has released their lineups the last few years.


Day of Lineup Announcement


January 15th   


January 7th  


January 8th


January 4th

Governors Ball Ticket Sales – Early January (January 6th in 2016) 

Like most festivals, Governors Ball passes will go on sale a couple of days after the lineup is announced.  In 2016 the tickets for Governors Ball went on sale on January 6th, two days after Governors Ball announced their lineup. Note that at this time only the three-day passes are available.  Governors Ball tickets are tricky – sometimes the festival sells out rather quickly and sometimes you have a few months.  Typically Governors Ball does different tier levels of tickets so the early bird / presale will sell out quickly and the price of passes will increase from there.  Typically the festival general admission won’t sell out for a couple months so you have some time if you are deciding.  Your tickets will cost more money though if you do wait.  If you want all the information on Governors Ball tickets check out our full article at 

Governors Ball Single Day Passes – February

The first release of tickets are only for three-day general admission passes.  Governors Ball also offers single day passes, which typically go on sale in late February.  The date varies but start looking for this towards the end of February or early March if you are interested.

Governors Ball Wrist Band Ships – May

If you bought your Governors Ball passes before April 30th they will ship directly to your home, or address that you specified.  If you purchase passes after this you must will call your Governors Ball tickets.  The passes will ship 2-4 weeks before the festival, which means Governors Ball wristbands ship sometime in May as the festival occurs in early June.

Governors Ball Announces Set Times – May (May 12th in 2016)

One of the most anticipated things once the lineup is announced are the set times.  Some festivals, such as Coachella or EDC, wait until a couple of days before the festival to release the set times.  Governors Ball is a lot better than this as they typically give you the set times about a month in advance.  For example, in 2016 the set times were released on May 12th and the festival began the first week of June.  This at least gives you plenty of time to figure out who you want to see at the Ball.

Governors Ball Music Festival – Early June

Governors Ball typically occurs early in June each year.  Typically it is the first and second weekend of June.


There you have it, every date you need to know for Governors Ball.  If there are any other dates you are looking for and didn’t find here please let me know at and I will add them pronto!

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