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Beale Street Music Festival 2018 - Info, Presale, Lineup, Tickets

May 11, 2017, 7:57 p.m.
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Looking to go to Beale Street Music Festival in 2018? Let's get you ready with all the information you need. This article is to go over all the Beale Street Music Festival 2018 info you need. We will go over when you can expect the 2018 Beale Street lineup, when tickets will go on sale, what the actual dates are and more. Before I get into it I will just plug our own Beale Street Music Festival page - if you are looking for any information on the festival this is going to be a great resource for you. We have articles, guides, news, rumors, hotels information, and more - so check that out if you have any questions. Ok enough with the self promotion, let's get to the Beale Street 2018 information.

Beale Street Music Festival 2018 Dates

Beale Street Music Festival typically takes place the first weekend of May. If we use this logic to predict the dates for 2018 it would have Beale Street Music Festival taking place from May 4th to May 6th 2018. These dates are not confirmed, but are based on how Beale Street typically operates. We will update this as we confirm dates.

Beale Street Music Festival 2018 Presale

Beale Street usually does its presale in mid-November. Last year Beale Street had their official presale on November 18th, 2016. If you are looking to snag Beale Street passes on the cheap this is your best chance - three-day GA passes to Beale Street began at just $95 during the presale last November. Even after this limited batch sold out tickets only increased to $115. Beale Street presale prices are terrific, so if you know you are going to attend this is the time to purchase passes. For more information on Beale Street tickets check out our full article on tickets here.

Beale Street Music Festival 2018 Lineup

Perhaps the day Beale Street fans most look forward to is the official release of the lineup. The table below shows the day of the year Beale Street Music Festival has released their lineup over the past few years.


Day of Lineup Announcement


February 27th     


February 25th  


February 24th  


February 22nd

As you can see Beale Street is fairly consistent in that they release their lineup at the end of February. Look for Beale Street to release their lineup in February 2018. If you want to see all the important dates for Beale Street Music Festival check out our article with all of BSMF's dates.

Beale Street Music Festival 2018 Tickets / Passes

First off, as I mentioned we have an article that describes Beale Street Music Festival tickets in full detail here. To summarize: Beale Street Music Festival first puts its passes on sale during the aforementioned presale in November. Tickets are first released in November at $95 and will remain available throughout the rest of the year. As batches of tickets sell out the price will go up. Last year the first batch was $95, the second was $115, and the final price was $150. To summarize: decide to go to Beale Street early and you will save money.

Do Beale Street Tickets Sell Out?

No - the early tier tickets will sell out so you may miss out on the cheapest prices, but the festival itself does not sell out. You can walk up to Beale Street the day off and purchase tickets, so you don't need to worry about the festival selling out.

Average Hotel Price by Day for Beale Street

We track hotel prices for Beale Street daily. Above you can see the data for hotel prices in Memphis during Beale Street Music Festival for last year and this year. If you need a hotel for Beale Street I am going to plug our own Beale Street Music Festival Hotel Page. Here you can see how prices are tracking, and see how the prices varied last year. Additionally, if you register with Event Track you can get automatic updates on hotel price drops. You sign up, tell us what hotels you are interested it, tell us what you want to pay per night, and if any of those hotels drop below your price we will automatically email you with a link to book.

Anyways, as you can see from the chart above: Beale Street gets expensive as you get closer to the festival. Whether you go with a hotel or a Airbnb, I suggest you book your accommodations early. Based on last year's data you want to book by March: after that hotel prices begin to rise, so save yourself some money and book early. I would say this is doubly true if you want to stay in Downtown Memphis (which you should) as these fill up particularly fast. If you are new to Memphis we have a full article on where to stay in Memphis for Beale Street that you can read here.

More Beale Street Questions?

As I said I highly recommend our Beale Street guides section as I try to write about everything I can think of that will help people plan for Beale Street. If you have a question I didn't answer I'd love to hear it so I can add to our coverage. Either let us know on Twitter or feel free to E-Mail Me.

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