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How To Get To Beale Street Music Festival

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Where is Beale Street Music Festival?

How do people get to Beale Street Music Festival?

Walk, Bike, Uber, Bus

Does Beale Street Music Festival offer transportation?

No, there is no official transportation offered by Beale Street Music Festival.

Our recommendation for getting to Beale Street Music Festival

Generally this will be highly dependent on where you are staying in Memphis. If you are anywhere near Downtown I highly recommend just walking or biking to the festival. If you are staying outside of downtown you can utilize either public transportation (bus) or take an Uber. In general I recommend just taking a bus or trolley as they are far cheaper. The bus will cost you just $1.75 a ride and the trolley is even cheaper at $1 a ride. It's not uncommon for Uber to have drastically surged prices for Beale Street so try to avoid them and save some money by using public transportation.

Detailed Guides On Beale Street Music Festival Transportation

Beale Street Transportation Guide: How to Get There

  • If you are staying downtown I highly suggest using the trolley – it’s only a $1 a day ($9 for a three day pass) and it drops off at multiple Beale Street entrances
  • If you stay downtown walking and biking are awesome options for getting to Beale Street
  • If you are staying in another part of Memphis besides Beale Street you shoud look into the MATA and taking the bus to Beale Street – it’s inexpensive and allows you to skip the traffic
  • Drive if you must, just go early to avoid traffic and while parking is available

How much does it cost to get to Beale Street Music Festival?

$1 a ride to take the trolley, $1.75 for a bus ride (both costs each way)

Is there parking onsite??

No, there is no official parking available. There is parking available throughout downtown Memphis but expect the prices to be increased for a busy event like Beale Street.