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Life Is Beautiful 2017 Announces Headliners & Top 6

April 24, 2017, 9:28 p.m.
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UPDATE: The Full Life Is Beautiful Lineup has been released. Get all the details here.

Life Is Beautiful 2017 Top 6

Life Is Beautiful releases their lineup tomorrow morning, but today they leaked their top six on the poster. We already knew for certain that Gorillaz would be headlining Life Is Beautiful 2017 as they announced it with their tour dates last week. The other two headliners for Life Is Beautiful for 2017 will be Chance The Rapper and Muse. Muse is not too shocking to me personally, as I predicted this in an article a few weeks ago. Chance The Rapper rounds out the festival headliners to give Life Is Beautiful a pretty impressive group of headliners. Muse is a huge act, although not that exclusive at this point. The other two headliners are great gets for Life Is Beautiful.

The rest of the top six of the Life Is Beautiful lineup will be The XX, Lorde and Blink-182. Nothing too surprising here to be honest. The XX and Lorde are on nearly every festival bill this year. They are big acts that put on really good shows at festivals, so they are still nice additions for Life Is Beautiful. I always hate when people poorly rate a festival because they got a few festival staples for that year: not everyone in Las Vegas will have a chance to see Lorde or The XX at another festival so they are great adds for Life Is Beautiful. I just saw both at Coachella and Lorde sounded great and The XX made my top 5 sets for the festival. Blink-182 isn't playing many festivals this year, but I have recently seen them as well and they are still a fun show. Life Is Beautiful 2017 is shaping up to be a really strong year for the festival. Look for the full Life Is Beautiful lineup tomorrow morning; we will have our full lineup thoughts for you then.

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