Life Is Beautiful

Muse 2017 Tour

Life Is Beautiful 2016 released their lineup on May 20th and in 2015 Life Is Beautiful released it on May 19th. Thus we are about a month away from the 2017 Life Is Beautiful lineup and it's time to start speculating. Today's fun is if Muse will be headlining Life Is Beautiful 2017. Muse has already been announced as headlining two different festivals this summer: Kaaboo Del Mar in mid September in San Diego and Lollapalooza in Chicago in August. They appear to be setup well for Life Is Beautiful 2017:

  • They currently have no Las Vegas date on their massive North American tour, which is quite suspiscious
  • They will be in the area near the Life Is Beautiful dates: their last show is in nearby Salt Lake City, UT
  • They have never headlined Life Is Beautiful

I wouldn't guarantee Muse will be headlining Life Is Beautiful 2017, but if I were in Vegas and I could bet on it I definitely would. I would put it this way: I will be surprised if Muse is NOT headlining Life Is Beautiful 2017. We will see soon though with the lineup announcement looming!

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